Is AI The Most Powerful Thing That Humans Have Ever Worked On?


The field of artificial intelligence today is more solid and vibrant than ever. The AI experts believe that the world today is on the threshold of innovations that could transform human society irreversibly, for better.

the most powerful

At least till yet, the machines have not really taken over completely. Though, they are seeping their way into the lives of humans. AI is impacting how we live, work and entertain ourselves. Starting from the most common of them all, voice-powered personal assistants, to more original and fundamental tools such as behavioral algorithms, suggestive searches as well as the very famous autonomously-powered self-driving vehicles boasting great predictive abilities, there are multiple examples and applications of AI in use today.

The future of Artificial Intelligence!

However, the AI is still evolving at a great pace. The future of AI seems to be pretty promising. The time is not far when we will be surrounded with AI based products all around us. And, this basically means that Artificial Intelligence is just going to save us, and make our lives better.

One of the top CEOs of a top MNC believes that AI is believed to be more powerful and more profound that some of the most renowned inventions like fire. We just need to harness the benefits but at the same time reduce the shortcomings with the help of more technological advancements.

Here are the top things about the future of AI

1. Artificial intelligence is accelerating like anything

Every aspect of technological progress is speeding up exponentially. The quantity of progress equal to the complete 20th century's achievements was accomplished between 2000 and 2014, and the same is again said to be gained before 2024. The data size will grow at a rapid pace just like the world around us. And, this data collected over the time, from across the world is called ‘Big Data’. And, therefore, AI has to match the pace of the growing world and data!

2. Computers will be as smart as humans in some years

Various surveys by renowned experts across the world determined that very soon AI’s human-level artificial intelligence will arrive and very soon computers will be as smart as humans. And very soon, according to a leading scientists, because of the accelerating speed at which technology is advancing the computer will be as intelligent as the human. Artificial Intelligence will witness more technical progress during the next century, and one of the outcomes will be that artificial intelligence may be as par with human intellect.

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Machines may also quickly overtake humans in their logical abilities and will soon be able to solve many of the most difficult issues of the 21st century.

3. We might not even understand AI once it become smarter than human

As we are nearing the stage where AI is going to match up the level of human intelligence or even surpass it. However, some of the experts are also eying a future where AI is seem to be so much smarter than human intellect that humans would even find it difficult to understand AI. We might not be able to comprehend the things an AI based tool can do, even if the machine tried to explain it to us. It could even take us years to teach us the easiest hint of what it knows.

4. Developing AI to human level might be dangerous for humans

Once Artificial Intelligence based machines become powerful and intelligent as humans, a lot of can happen to distress the humans. AI Software development services doesn’t seem to cease at that point however, several very smart people also think that this particular situation would be very dangerous indeed. Now, dangerous here means, that AI might take over human jobs. With the advancement of technology, it is believed that son most of the work will be managed by AI based machines. In face new technological tools are being developed which take over work in the field of accounting, marketing etc. already.

In a very simple way, we can say that AI, machine learning and software development is a set of great technologies that empower machines and computers. It enables us to constantly update the data bank via recursive experiments and human intervention. AI is only believed to grow and become bigger day by day. Hence, we should be prepared to succumb to the power of the Artificial Intelligence, and not be scared from it as it is believed to transform the way we work!

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