9 Best Proptech Solution Development Companies 2024

best proptech solution development company

Proptech is the amalgamation of property with technology. This application makes it easy to procure, lease, and manage properties in a systematized manner. It is estimated that by 2032, the Proptech market will grow by $86.5 billion, completely altering the property market ecosystem by offering the ease to locate any property conveniently. Therefore, Proptech solution development should be leveraged by the real sector industry to their advantage. There are several software development companies in India offering IT solutions that drive innovation and improve operation efficiency.

In this guide, we will discuss major companies that offer Proptech solution services to change the property market sector.

1. Aegis Softtech

Aegis Softtech

Technology is constantly changing and therefore, one needs to stay up-to-date in the digital world. This is where Aegis Softtech steps in. The thirst to develop innovative IT solutions is what drives this company to create tech possibilities that are unique to businesses. Having been in business for 15 years or more, this offshore software development company in India understands the challenges faced when using the power of technology. Additionally, with a team of experts, Aegis is your partner in developing applications, including Proptech software development to help the real estate sector adapt to the changing picture.

Why Choose Aegis Softtech?

Innovation-Centric Approach

The team of Aegis thrives on innovation. With its tech experts, they constantly explore and develop emerging technologies that bring fresh and creative ideas to any IT project.

Proven Expertise

With years of experience, the company has successfully delivered digital solutions to a diverse clientele, from startups to established enterprises.


Transparency is the key to their success. They maintain open communication in the entire software development process to keep you updated.

Collaborative Partnerships

Aegis Softtech does not treat its clients as customers but as partners. The company works in close liaison with their clients to understand the needs and challenges when developing IT solutions.

Quality Assurance

Aegis Softtech is committed to delivering the highest professional services and products to ensure quality.

2. MagicBricks


MagicBrick is a popular name in the Indian real estate system. Combining property appropriately with technology has given the general public an innovative way to search and locate properties. This Proptech solution development company offers an easy-to-use interface covering a wide range of properties. This combination offers modified property reference making it a complete solution for users to locate their dream house.

3. NoBroker


NoBroker Proptech solution development has removed the need for a physical broker. This feature offers a clear and transparent deal between purchasers and sellers, as it links them directly without any middlemen. This solution removes the hassle of paying brokerage fees, thus saving money for both parties. To simplify the search process, this platform has a strict automated software testing process to meet the growing demands of customers. Additionally, Proptech software development has a strong authentication process when listing properties for legitimacy and free from any deceptive information.

4. Housing.com


Housing.com is another player in the Proptech world. With its technology, it has become a major Proptech software development company in India redefining the way users search properties. It has become a cost-effective solution to locate the perfect property from the very comforts of home with its virtual tour feature. Some features of Housing.com include the following:

A. Informed Decision through Data

Data analytics plays a major role in Proptech solution development services. This allows users to crucial details into the procuring and selling of properties, allowing users to users to make proper decisions in their transactions. Features of data analysis include:

  • Market inclinations
  • Price and economic analytics
  • Locality or are statistics

B. Unified Solution through Collaboration

To keep its platform current, Housing.com utilizes a digital process automation service. As customer needs keep changing, the company continues to add new features to cater to them. As a Proptech software development company, they collaborate with property developers, agents, and financial institutions to offer a unified and complete approach when buying, selling, and renting properties.

5. RoofandFloor


Another top Proptech solution provider in India that has simplified the process of property exploration is RoofandFloor.com. What makes the platform interesting is its clear characteristics and simple interface. No wonder it has gained momentum among property buyers and sellers. The company specializes in developing IT solutions that prioritize user experience. Their services include responsive websites, chatbots, and social media integration. Customers using this platform have praised their attention to detail and engaging interfaces.

6. 99acres.com


When it comes to Proptech solution development services, 99acres is not far behind. The company implements big data analytics services that help them to analyze data of properties in real time. Gaining accurate insights and trends, such as pricing to risk factors is a must for real estate, and this platform does what it is meant to do.

7. NestAway


NestAway Proptech offers a unified platform allowing users to make online reservations for rental properties. It has an intuitive interface for scrolling several properties. This Proptech software development company focuses on user convenience that allows property seekers to locate the areas that match their preferences.

NestAway offers dedicated IT applications for iOS and Android platforms for mobile users. These apps are carefully designed to enhance user understanding, providing accessibility and convenience for those on different mobile devices. NestAway ensures that you can access their services with ease, allowing you to make property reservations and explore listings at your convenience.

8. SquareYards


Square Yards is a Proptech solution development services provider that serves as an aggregator and provides transactional technology. In addition to property listing, it also has monetary services for customers and companies. A mobile aggregation platform called SquareConnect is available to real estate brokers. Brokers have direct access to property listings through this platform. Besides its Proptech Solution, SquareYard is also a full digital marketing provider to assist companies and businesses striving in the digital space.

9. PropTiger


PropTiger has gained popularity by offering customized IT solutions to end-users for their property needs. At the very heart of PropTiger Proptech solution development, lies its robust data analytics that offers worry-free property searches. It has an array of listings that are combined with filters and interactive maps to make property findings in just a few clicks. The platform uses the latest technologies such as AI and machine learning which provides real-time property ideas based on user behavior and likings.

Tips to Choose Proptech Software Development Company?

It is always useful to know a few tips when choosing the right Proptech software development company that has the capabilities to understand the necessary IT solution to meet the requirements when mixing property with technology. A few tips are listed below to help in making the correct decision.

1. Security and Compliance

The conventional methods of property administration, which included the use of pen and paper, have developed a great deal. As a result of the introduction of Proptech into the Real Estate sector, it is going through a period of profound change. As the real estate sector continues to evolve in response to technological advancements, property owners and managers are beginning to enjoy the advantages of best practices that unleash efficiency and effectiveness in property management. Of the utmost importance is the protection of sensitive tenant and property data. Encryption of data and compliance with data protection standards are two of the most critical aspects of Proptech solutions. Real estate managers may have peace of mind knowing that their systems are protected from unauthorized access, and that tenant information is kept secret. Any violation of data protection standards or failure to comply with them may result in profound implications, such as monetary losses, harm to one's reputation, and legal penalties.

Security and compliance testing solutions procedures should be given top priority by Proptech firms to reduce the impact of these threats. This involves the implementation of robust encryption techniques, continuous software and system updates, comprehensive security assessments, and the guarantee of compliance with applicable data protection legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or (CCPA). Not only do these policies safeguard the privacy of people, but they also help to cultivate trust between customers and companies.

2. Integration Capabilities

Streamlining activities to save significant time is what property managers mean when they talk about operational effectiveness. This time might be utilized to cultivate connections with the inhabitants of the property. Within the realm of real estate, the incorporation of prop-tech, which stands for property technology, has become a growing significant factor. Organizations and stakeholders may gain several advantages and benefits from this unique combination of technology and real estate strategies.

The real estate business has reached a point where the incorporation of Proptech, which stands for property technology, has grown to be of the most considerable significance. This transition is being driven by the integration of Proptech, which plays a critical role in driving this transformation. Conventional real estate processes are being revolutionized as a result of the fast growth of technology. Proptech integration in the real estate sector results in a multitude of advantages and contributes a significant amount of value to the industry. It has a beneficial impact on every facet of the real estate business, including the enhancement of efficiency, the improvement of customer experience, and the production of choices that are driven by quantitative data. There is also an improvement in transparency, a reduction in prices, a reduction in risks, and the introduction of creative solutions to companies and players in the real estate market.

Integration Capabilities

Image source: https://myobligo.com/blog/integrations-the-unsung-hero-of-Proptech/

3. Mobile Accessibility

The days are long gone when prospective purchasers of homes had to depend entirely on physical listings and make time-consuming trips to several different houses. The real estate sector has seen a considerable transition in the manner in which property searches are carried out as a result of the proliferation of mobile applications and platforms.

The advent of mobile technology has made it possible for prospective buyers to have access to a wide variety of property listings, each of which includes comprehensive descriptions, high-resolution photographs, and even virtual tours. It is now possible for prospective buyers to look at houses whenever and wherever they choose, regardless of whether they are at home, at work, or on the go. This degree of ease has completely revolutionized the process of house searching. The proliferation of technology advancements that are making it more straightforward for people to purchase on their mobile devices is also contributing to the rise of mobile commerce, which is on the verge of becoming the norm. Every mobile website, just like every other website, is accessed using a browser to have access to the content of the internet. Because it was developed exclusively for mobile devices, it does not appear correctly on desktop computers, in contrast to ordinary websites.

To effectively execute outreach initiatives and provide assistance for marketing or public relations efforts, responsive or mobile websites are an excellent choice. A mobile website is a terrific initial step to increase and support your mobile marketing campaign since it is preferable to a mobile application in terms of compatibility, accessibility, and maintenance. This is because a mobile website is more easily maintained. In addition, mobile connectivity has made it feasible for real estate brokers and clients to conduct virtual tours and video chats, which has eliminated the need for some of the actual meetings that were previously necessary. By use of video conversations, customers can virtually "walk through" properties, pose questions, and get a more comprehensive understanding of the area, all without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

4. Sustainability and Green Technologies

Proptech makes it possible for property landlords to build sophisticated energy administration methods, which guarantees the quite well-organized usage of obtainable resources. The uses of these methods, which include sensor-driven lighting controls and intelligent irrigation systems, not only aid in cutting down on operating expenses but also underwrite the toughness and stability of the property. Proptech does not only concentrate on a single facet of preservation; instead, it offers solutions that are complete. The Proptech toolbox includes a variety of different components, including waste management infrastructure, water conservation technology, and landscaping that is favorable to biodiversity.

The adoption of environmentally friendly features and technology that assist in reducing the usage of energy is one of the most important parts of responsible real estate in the real estate industry. Investing in environmentally friendly houses offers a multitude of benefits to homeowners and has a beneficial effect on the environment. Environmentally friendly homes are built to reduce their dependency on non-renewable energy foundations and minimalize their energy use.

Additionally, Proptech is assisting to make green construction techniques, certifications, and the management of construction claims more accessible to the general public. Development professionals can monitor and manage environmentally responsible building processes with the assistance of digital technologies. This allows them to guarantee that their projects are by environmentally friendly regulations like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or BREEAM These certifications not only boost the market value and attractiveness of homes but also reflect a commitment to conservation, which a significant competitive advantage.

Sustainability and Green Technologies

Image source: https://www.ukreiif.com/investment-news/uk-Proptech-record/

5. AI and Machine Learning Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become known as a game-changer across a variety of industries, including real estate, according to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of technology. Real estate is not an exception to this trend. How we engage with real estate are being redefined by solutions that use artificial intelligence, often known as AI. These solutions include administration of properties, administration of space, building design, and real estate investments, as well as computerized virtual dealers and smart home integration. To do tasks that need the capacity to understand from experience, comprehend complicated ideas, classify trends, grasp the intricacies of natural language, and make judgments on their own, artificial intelligence (AI) makes use of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. It is essential to have larger and better data centers, electricity grids, and interacting infrastructure to build artificial intelligence.

These forthcoming solutions will continue to triumph in the face of uncertainty as the sector continues to develop, which will make things easier for all of the parties involved.

The risks associated with insuring specific properties, investment returns, and market circumstances may be evaluated by using algorithms that are based on artificial intelligence. These algorithms can examine property data, previous claims, and external variables. Using this technology, insurance firms can make more reliable underwriting judgments, simplify claims management, and present clients with alternatives for coverage that are tailored to their specific needs.

6. User Reviews and Ratings

In the world of user reviews and ratings, Proptech has had an enormous influence, which is one of the primary areas where it has made a substantial impact. Historically, potential purchasers or renters placed a significant amount of weight on approvals from friends and family, as well as the minimal information that was offered by real estate brokers. The power, on the other hand, has transferred to the hands of the customers consequently the proliferation of user reviews and rating sites.

It is not enough to just possess a property; you need to make it work for you. Proptech Solutions simplifies the process of property management by ensuring that all of the required maintenance tasks are handled by a top-notch business. This allows you to enjoy the advantages of property management without experiencing any worry. They make it their mission to make property management a straightforward and stress-free experience. Your solutions will be handled by a staff that is both knowledgeable and skilled, and they will be maintained by specialists thanks to its robust platform that is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Proptech technologies make it possible for real estate agents to adapt their services by the preferences and actions of their clients. This results in individualized suggestions, a reduction in response times, and an increase in the level of satisfaction experienced by clients.

7. Future Trends in Proptech

Changes in the economy, the dynamics of the market, and shifting preferences among consumers all have an impact on the real estate landscape, which is constantly shifting. Over the last several years, however, real estate technology trends have emerged as the primary driver that is driving these changes. The term "Proptech," which is an abbreviation for "property technology," describes the use of a diversity of solutions in the real estate business to innovate and improve working procedures. Technology developments in real estate are causing substantial changes in the manner in which properties are purchased and sold, resulting in transactions that are both more efficient and transparent. Not only does this change entail strengthening property transactions, but it also involves a relationship with FinTech, which aims to improve financial transactions that are associated with real estate acquisitions.

The Blockchain

In addition to storing data, blockchain development functions as a trustworthy digital registry that may be used to record transactions and digital contracts. Blockchain technology streamlines procedures by eliminating the need for several third parties to be involved.

Increasing transparency, reducing the amount of paperwork required, and simplifying transactions are all reasons why blockchain technology is becoming more popular in the property management industry. Ubiquity is now one of the blockchain applications that is gaining popularity. In addition, we are sure that blockchain-based applications will unquestionably be the recipients of several Proptech awards in the years to come.

Augmented reality

A convincing answer is provided by augmented reality, which has the capability of superimposing digital features onto the physical environment. Through the use of augmented reality technology, real estate agents can offer prospective purchasers an interactive experience that brings properties to physical life. Imagine being able to stroll around a virtual version of a house, rearrange the furniture, alter the color of the walls, and even imagine future improvements - all of this before ever stepping foot in the actual room. By making the final product more visible and transparent to prospective buyers, forward-thinking real estate developers can lessen the risk associated with their planning process via the usage of augmented reality. During the creation of a structure, connecting data from building information modeling may help detect and prevent issues at an earlier point in the process.


According to specialists in the industry, it is projected that 5G would boost security by significantly enhancing encryption, segregating networks, and user authentication. Nevertheless, the increasing amount of data that is moving across networks, combined with the increasing number of Internet of Things devices, may make surveillance and cyberattack more effective by giving new opportunities for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

One of the primary factors that has contributed to the fast development of Proptech is the power that 5G technology has. The real estate business is positioned to reap enormous benefits from the lightning-fast speed, minimal latency, and vast connection offered by 5G networks as they continue to spread around the globe. The prospects for Proptech are almost endless with the advent of 5G.

Imagine being able to remotely handle and track your home's security systems, temperature, and energy use with just a few clicks on your smartphone. This would completely change the way you live. As 5G becomes more widespread, the responsiveness and seamlessness of these smart home functions will increase. In addition, property managers may make use of the capabilities offered by 5G to effectively monitor and manage various properties, which will ultimately result in increased operational effectiveness and expense savings.

8. Proptech Success Stories That Inspire


In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom were pursuing their doctoral degrees at Stanford University, began working on their search engine idea in the garage of a friend in Menlo Park, California. A small number of computers and a few other components were used to construct the first version of Google. Google's rise to the position of the most popular search engine in the world may be attributed to the company's dedication to delivering relevant search results and the creative algorithms it has developed.


There have been very few success stories in the field of real estate that have had such a significant influence, as is the case with Airbnb. What began as a straightforward concept between roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia has dramatically transformed how people travel and the activities they engage in while staying in lodgings. Airbnb was able to build a platform that enabled homeowners to rent out their spare rooms or entire houses to others who were traveling by using the power of technology. Not only did this forward-thinking idea provide a more cost-effective alternative to conventional lodging, but it also made a wide range of opportunities available to both the hosts and the visitors.


WeWork was established in 2010 with the straightforward goal of affording small companies, freelancers, and innovators access to office spaces that are adaptable to their needs. Their goal was to establish work environments that were dynamic, community-oriented, and productive, as well as those that encouraged creativity, cooperation, and productivity. WeWork has made an indelible effect on the real estate sector and has transformed the notion of shared office spaces (also known as co-working spaces).


Roofstock has been able to effectively conduct thousands of purchases since its beginning, and it has garnered a significant amount of traction since then. A good reputation in the real estate investing market has been acquired by them as a result of their user-friendly platform, willingness to be transparent, and dedication to ensuring client happiness.

9. Global Perspectives

In recent years, the amount of companies in the Proptech area has been a meager ~1-2% of the total number of businesses launched. This is even though real estate generates 7% of India's gross domestic product.

The real estate development company has seen substantial growth on a worldwide basis, with key economies such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and China being at the forefront of this movement. Utilizing cutting-edge technology like aural intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, and data analytics, established methods are being disrupted and new possibilities are being made available.

Traditional real estate practices have been challenged on a global scale by firms such as Zillow, Redfin, and Purplebricks. These companies have used technology to create an improved user experience and to expedite the process of buying and selling real estate. Users are provided with complete information and transparency via the usage of these platforms, which include features such as virtual property excursions, real-time market data, and online valuations of properties.

It may be concluded that the significance of Proptech in the current real estate industry is of the utmost importance. The method in which customers interact with the real estate market is also being transformed as a result of this change, in addition to how real estate enterprises function. Real estate technology is transforming the landscape of the real estate industry because of its ability to improve the effectiveness of operations, increase client happiness, and encourage integrity.

Know your Requirements

A clear objective must be defined when creating Proptech software. Mind mapping becomes essential for picking the right company to meet the specific needs as required.

Expertise and Experience

Always look for a company that has a reputation and record in giving innovative development solutions to businesses.


It is recommended that you should always ask for customer references and testimonials to know the company's capabilities and client satisfaction.

Support and Maintenance

Know about the company's backing and maintenance services, as ongoing support is crucial for the smooth functioning of Proptech software development.

Request a Proposal

Ask for a proposal before beginning the work. The time required and cost should be included. It is recommended to compare different proposals from multiple companies to reach a correct decision.

Why Hire Proptech Software Developers?

When hiring Proptech software developers, consider the below points to find the proper talent:

1) Roles and Tasks

Define the role and responsibilities when opting to hire Proptech software developers. This will help acquire the candidates with the right skills and experience.

2) Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is important when it comes to Proptech software development. Search for candidates with strong technical know-how in software development.

3) Problem-Solving Skills

Proptech software developers must have the required problem-solving skills to address challenges in the real estate industry.

4) Teamwork and Interaction

Developers of Proptech software should be able to interact with teams and communicate ideas effectively.

5) Adjustment

Ensure the candidate can adjust to your organization and its policies to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Final Note

Proptech software development has become a game-changer in the real estate business in India, providing advanced solutions to enhance operational competence, great customer experience, and growth. When choosing a software development company, it's essential to consider factors such as expertise, customization options, security, scalability, and customer references and testimonials.

To hire Proptech software developers considering cost effectiveness is equally important for successful application. By utilizing the power of property technology software, real estate businesses can stay ahead of the competition and survive in the digital age.

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