Making best practices for enterprise portals using development framework


The world is getting digitized – people have learnt and started trading and dealing with online secure enterprise portal. With development services, corporate world is now getting custom business apps for new and existence clients across the world. Such apps not only help businesses in retaining clients, but also share real time updates and data with online visitors using content management features in a decentralized way.

Asp.ent development plays vital role in designing corporate portals and facilitates interaction between site components and data. It helps in building user-friendly and easy to customize websites to bring personalized user experience. However, developers using framework have to make best practices to achieve desired results.


What they exactly do?

1. Use CSS media queries developers and programmers use latest CSS media queries and standards-compliant HTML instead of control adaptors (conventional technique). Earlier, developers were using control adaptors to render customized presentation code for multiple devices and environment. But today, with technological advancements, developers have option to render such code using CSS and HTML language. It enables enterprise portal accessibility across different web browsers and devices.

2. Set formatting values in CSS Stylesheets

It is always good to set formatting values in CSS stylesheets as it provides convenience to developers and they can maintain centralize style values without setting them throughout the application.

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3. Stop partial page updates using page and control callbacks

It happens at times when a webpage needs to get updated without refreshing the complete page. Earlier developers were doing this part using page and control callbacks. However, recent changes in development now enable developers to accomplish the task using AJAX, SignalR, Web API, UpdatePanel or MVC action methods. Such options help developers in optimizing the portal performance by exhaling the limitations of callback methods such as friendly URLs issues and routing problems.

4. Usage of cookies for authentication

Most of the programmers follow authentication techniques without cookies. But the fact is sensitive authentication data can’t be conveyed in a query string securely without cookies, hence, developers should use them for security purposes.

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