Software glitch upsetting 70K customers? How to stay away from the horror?


Software testing as we know is done to determine the errors or the gaps in the software development process. It is also performed to find out why a software is not able to meet the actual requirements. Software testing is done both manually and with the help of the automation tools as well. However, these days, companies generally prefer only automated software testing because it is not only quicker but also a lot more efficient. But, the main question arises, why do we need software testing? Well, software testing is an eminent and undeniable part of the software development cycle.

Software bugs can be extremely dangerous!

Testing is extremely important because software bugs can definitely turn out to be extremely expensive. Also, they are extremely hazardous for the software and the company. These bugs can possibly lead to both monetary and human loss. And, there have been many such examples which have highlighted the drawbacks of such software testing failures. These failures not only put a burden on the software developers but also on the company who is developing the software. Also, if the bugs are not identified and the problem is not fixed, and the software is made live with the bugs, then it can seriously have a lot of negative impact on the repo of the company.

Therefore, undoubtedly, it is very important for software developers to make sure that software is first tested properly before launching it in the market. This is where the role of the software testers come into play. They are the ones who have to plan and implement necessary tests on the software to make sure it is error free. They are also responsible for letting the developers know if there is any miss.

Listed below are a few very popular and scary examples of software testing failures:

  • A dangerous software glitch of the airbag sensory detectors of Nissan cars created a bad situation for the company. They had to literally recall more than 1 million cars from the market. This not only resulted in monetary losses but also the reputation of the company was effected.
  • When a prominent software system supplier to some of the popular airlines of the world experienced a dreadful bug in the system, it resulted in upsetting more than 70,000 passengers! Actually, the check-in system went bad for a few minutes, and that too during the holiday season. It was an awful situation and around 600 flights were canceled. It even resulted in the loss of profit for some airlines.
  • Did you know that even Starbucks had faced a deadly software issue? The problem was so bad that they had to quickly shut done around 60% of Starbucks stores in the United States of America and Canada. The error was basically in the POS system which was later on rectified. However, it did cost them a lot as it even forced them to serve coffee for free as their systems just could not work at all!

How to stay away from such instances?

Testing is one of the most eminent activities which is aimed to detect the major bugs. Also, it helps the company to solve the major tech issues that may cause problems later. Software testing makes sure that the software source code is perfect. Also, it reviews the overall product performance, usability, as well as the security. Software Application Outsourcing Companies have to make sure that they spend moth time and money in proper testing in order to save themselves from risky situations.

In order to make sure that the software is tested properly companies shave to adopt the best of the tools. Also, they have to hire the top experts to do this. The main thing is to prioritize software testing, implement it and to make sure that all the steps are taken before the release of the software.

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