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Big Data Analytics Services

Realize the power and capability of big data and convert it into your biggest asset now! Explore, innovate and transform the way your organization is handling the data; gather smart insights that drive your decisions with our customized big data solutions for businesses in Australia.

Empowered Clients

Big Data Analytics Solutions from the Data Experts

Businesses that are putting data analytics to good use have consistently performed better than their competitors. The key distinguishing feature is the ability of the business to manage the resources effectively and use proper data analytics platforms with defined data streams that can be used practically. Aegis has been at the forefront of digitization for more than a decade. With our proven ability to help organizations in including big data in their everyday processes, we have made a difference in the working capacity of our clients. Our big data consultants and specialists are highly knowledgeable in all tools, platforms and frameworks related to big data.

Ecosystem Technologies

  • spark
  • cloudera
  • mapr

NoSQL Databases

  • hbase
  • mongodb

Specialized Data Analytics Services in Australia

As one of the experienced big data service providers in Australia, we have a team of big data analysts who are experts in the data analytics platforms like Cloudera, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Tableau BI and a lot more. Our big data analytics services are aimed at solving the specific issues that businesses face every day through an established process of data collection, processing, analysis and visualization. We cover a wide scope of big data solutions - anything that an organization will need to use data insights better.

Big Data Consultations

Big Data Consultations

There are many reasons for businesses to hold consultations with us right from suggestions on choosing the best platform according to their practical applications to finding ways to refine the process of big data analytics. Our big data consultants are well-equipped with many years of working on the field to offer reliable and appropriate solutions for any challenge. We can guide you to choose the best vendor based on your specifications, budget, necessities and available resources, suggest integrations to simplify and automate the big data processing, create better visualizations to understand the data insights better and any other guidance needed with regards to big data.

  • Big data assessment
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Big data integration support
  • Setting up a data pipeline
  • Recommendations on architecture setup, technologies, databases and cloud storage systems

Big Data Strategy and Infrastructure Development

The choice of the technology you use to deploy big data has a lot of weight on the results. We support businesses in strategizing and creating a roadmap for big data implementation. We design the big data architecture, pick the right technology based on your industry needs and future development plans and develop the big data process from collection to visualization. We take care of everything little thing there is to attend to create a complete big data system from scratch. Our big data development services include:

  • Big data strategy definition
  • Big data roadmap creation
  • Proof of concept
  • Big data technology identification and installation
  • Configuration, testing and deployment of the big data system
Strategy and Infrastructure
Analytics and Visualization

Big Data Analytics and Visualization

The main purpose of going through the entire process of setting up the big data platform is to gather usable insights for business processes. Therefore, the last setup before the deployment of big data is finessing the data analytics and setting up proper, easy-to-use visualization channels. At Aegis Softtech, we take extreme precaution to create user-friendly, easily accessible visualization options that allow people to quickly understand the insights. We also customize the data analytics platform with specific actions that you will need to use on a frequent basis. We take care of various responsibilities in the final stage like:

  • Setting up predictive analysis and prescriptive analysis
  • Setting up big data visualization
  • Checking the big data integrations
  • Optimizing the big data analytics
  • Analysis with business-specific big data use cases

We deliver Big Data services across

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Brisbane

  • Perth

  • Adelaide

  • Gold Coast

  • Newcastle

  • Canberra

  • Cairns

  • Darwin

  • Hobart

  • Byron Bay

  • Geelong

Why Choose Aegis Softtech for Big Data Services?

Going through the process of setting up a big data system is only worthwhile when it is put to good use. This is where Aegis Softtech makes all the difference. We are one of the top big data service providers in Australia who go beyond the usual process and help businesses to get that good start with the data analytics. We support your employees to use the data insights for their practical applications and even offer training programs to get over the initial reluctance.

We have been helping numerous companies in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and in many other cities all over Australia. We work in the Australian timezones and therefore, we will act as an extended part of your company working side by side with your employees to help in the successful implementation of a robust big data system.

Enhanced Customer View

Expertise in Data Science

The combination of practical and theoretical knowledge is the best alliance for any big data implementation. With our expertise in data science, Machine Learning and AI, we implement highly functional data analytics.

Drive Business Efficiency

Customized Solutions

The purpose of implementing a big data system differs for every business. We define and tailor the tools, platforms and integrations to present specific solutions from data analytics that satisfies your needs.

Fraud Detection

Masters in Big Data

We have a huge team of big data consultants, analysts, scientists and engineers who are experts at what they do. When such an expert team work together, you can expect a definite transformation through big data.

Cost Effective Big Data Consulting Services

Keen to deliver extremely qualitative and timely software solutions and services to the clients. Our cost-effective and customized software solutions are developed by experienced IT experts.

Where Can Big Data Be Used?

Big data can be anywhere and in any process. That’s the versatile nature of data analytics. There is always some application of big data in any business process, decision or implementation. We have worked with numerous businesses from all over Australia and from other parts of the world by helping to realize the use of big data and utilize its potential to the fullest. Here are some of the use cases of big data.


Financial Analysis

Financial institutions, banking services or even finance departments in organizations can use big data to avoid duplicate errors, prevent frauds and manage the finance operations effectively through various data analytics like risk analysis and predictive analysis.

Education & E-Learning

360-Degree Analysis of Customer

You can collect customer data from numerous sources, process and analysis them together to understand your customers on a deep level. You can track customer satisfaction, understand customer behaviour and use the data as the basis for various other analysis.


Defining Government Operations

Government departments can include big data analytics to analyze their everyday working process and find innovative ways to reduce the time spent on redundant tasks and in optimizing the use of resources for much-needed operations.


Enabling Efficient Healthcare Functioning

Healthcare service providers and hospitals have numerous applications of big data systems like patient tracking, equipment management, employee management and scheduling, regulation checks, automating hospital procedures, managing treatment plans and many more.


Streamlining Manufacturing Processes

From improving the processing lines to managing the raw materials better, big data has a large scope for effective manufacturing. Data insights can help in identifying the drawbacks and provide solutions for increasing the time to market.

Retail & E-Commerce

Marketing and Customer Service Analysis

Marketing to the right customers and fulfilling their needs is one of the most challenging jobs of the retail industry. Big data analytics makes a distinct impression in helping businesses with valuable data insights that form the basis of marketing strategies.

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