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Hire Full Stack Hadoop Developers

Hadoop is the single most platform for complete data collection, storage and processing. With a high capacity for scalability and space for innovative measures, Hadoop offers cost-effective solutions for the major data challenges of today. Hire Hadoop developer from Aegis to make use of this productive platform.

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Full Stack Hadoop Developers

Apache Hadoop is an open-source platform that facilitates storing and processing of vast volumes of data in distributed formats. Hadoop has a broad ecosystem of different tools. Each of these tools takes care of a major requirement in the chain of data flow. You can set up data pipelines across Hadoop with an automated process flow that results in high performance and efficient solutions. Hire an expert Hadoop developer to set up the entire system of Hadoop.

Hadoop Design & Development

Hadoop Design & Development

We will assess the current the data volume forecast the future scalability and devise the model and every component with utmost caution.

Hadoop Implementation

Hadoop Implementation

Based on the size of your project and the requirements of data clusters, our Hadoop programmer will develop the framework and deploy the model accordingly.

Hadoop Integration

Hadoop Integration

We’ll integrate different software under Hadoop like HDFS, Spark, Hive and HBase, and create a unified system that performs efficiently.

Hadoop Optimization

Hadoop Optimization

Our Hadoop developer will analyze and find ways to enhance and optimize the performance of the platform to align with new trends.

Hadoop Technical Support

Hadoop Technical Support

From security checks and configuring the setting to emergency resolving works, our Hadoop developers India will always be there to help you out.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics

With our customized data processing services, you can derive high value from the Hadoop that sets the stage for business intelligence.

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Why Hire Hadoop Developers?

Hadoop is a large platform that has everything any business will require to manage and make sense of the data. However, in such a broad platform, it can be confusing to identify and use the specific features which will serve business purposes. That’s where a Hadoop programmer is of immense help.

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    Customized for Business Needs

    Our Hadoop architect or a Hadoop developer will analyze and create a detailed roadmap outlining the essential functions your business needs and the means to achieve it through Hadoop.

  • 02

    Wide Skillset

    The skils of a Hadoop developer shouldn’t be just restricted to this platform. They should be natural in understanding businesses and must be wizards in big data and that’s precisely who our developers are.

  • 03

    Flexible Working System

    Our Hadoop ETL developers India work in the agile methodology and, therefore, the results you get will be quicker, better and will be in accordance with your specific business needs.

  • 04

    Ready-to-Work Platform

    We work with the main aim of creating a platform on which our clients can start working in full capacity from day one. We will deliver an optimized platform with features specific to your business.

  • 05

    Easy Onboarding Process

    There is no huge procedure to hire Hadoop developer from Aegis. Just let us match you with a Hadoop developer that fills in your needs, complete the NDA formalities and that’s it!

  • 06

    Flexible Engagement Models

    Do you need one of our Hadoop developers India for one day, one week or for a specific project? We have a flexible hiring model from which you can choose the best-suited one.

All the Goodness That Hadoop Brings

Hadoop is a comprehensive distributed storage and processing platform designed for processing large data clusters in a short time. It has specific components to perform different functions, each of it can be customized according to the results you expect. At Aegis, we are equipped with the top software and the best Hadoop ETL developers India who will analyze every bit of your data needs and customize the platform accordingly.

Cost-Efficient Models

Unlike many other platforms, Hadoop charges very less for the cost of storage per terabyte. Even when you store terabytes of information, you will just pay in the lines of hundreds of dollars that is comparatively very less.

Interactive Query Analysis

You can directly ask a question to get answers from data instead of using the pre-defined ones. Hadoop makes it possible to interact with data and get quick responses and explore the data with intelligent queries.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Why wait to save the data and then process? With Hadoop, you can run direct analysis on the real-time as the data comes in and get immediate insights that convert into smart business actions.

Integration with Other Hadoop Systems

As a part of Apache family, Hadoop can integrate with the others like Apache Spark, Hive, HBase and Zeppelin, and other third-party tools for better performance and accurate insights.

Explore the Hadoop Ecosystem

For any analytical challenges and business problems, the Hadoop ecosystem has the ideal solutions. Apache Hadoop has an extensive set of related tools and components; all of it works together to make data management and analysis simple for businesses. Each of the components in the Apache family has its specific functionality that adds to the value of Hadoop. Every Hadoop architect with us are well-versed in working with these different Apache tools to make your entire data system more effective.


The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is the primary data storage system that distributes the files in the form of clusters to designated locations for quick access.


Yarn is the central component that facilitates resource management and scheduling that enables processes to run consistently on the data stored in HDFS.


MapReduce enables the processing of data in the form of independent tasks in parallel, which helps in processing tons of data at the same time with great efficiency.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is one of the most-used computing systems for high-speed data processing. It is an extension of MapReduce and facilitates many computations.

Apache HBase

HBase is primarily for getting rid of the issues in storing sparse datasets. It runs on the HDFS and acts a non-relational database system.

Apache Hive

Hive is best for processing semi-structured and structured data. It acts as a data warehouse with flexible query choices and manages the ETL pipelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand better about how our process works and how much more value we can add to your business. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our clients about Hadoop development.

Yes, we will allocate a dedicated Hadoop team based on your requirements with a combination of experts in different areas. This team will be in direct contact with you regularly and you can reach out to them for your project needs.

We have different hiring models that you can choose based on your requirements. If you have a continuous need for Hadoop developer, you can hire them on an hourly basis or for a specified period. Else, if you want to develop Hadoop system as a one-time need, you can hire on a project basis.

Usually, the setting up of data pipelines, integration and customization of the platform will take considerable time. It can be as low as four weeks and may go up to 6 months or more. It depends on the extensiveness of the Hadoop platform required.

Yes, we can integrate your Hadoop platform with the required systems, test the seamlessness of the data flow and ensure that the entire setup is functional.

To understand the root cause of the issue, we will assess the condition of the data storage and management system. With that issue identified, we will suggest better ways to store your data in secure locations that provide quick access without affecting the time of data processing and analysis.

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