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Software Integration Services

When your business scales new heights you need to enhance your infrastructure with software integration services to support this new growth spurt. Adopting software integration solutions is an intelligent response to this critical business need.

Empowered Clients

At Aegis, we deploy our expert software integration consultants to help you innovate and improve your business processes. Equipped with our able support you can focus on your core competencies while we help you increase efficiencies, save costs, and bring in an overall sense of positivity in your business strategies.

Software Integration Solutions: Seamless Transition to Growth

Software integration is the ability of your business to integrate multiple applications enabling them to share data for better business efficiencies. Technology is evolving fast. Your business must keep up with the fast-paced digital evolution to remain relevant.

As every business is moving into the digital space, the emphasis is increasing on installing multiple software solutions that help them perform specific tasks. To ensure seamless communication between each solution these diverse systems must be connected. Your processes must become workflow-driven, automated, and integrated for optimized output.

Efficiency and Productivity

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

As information flows seamlessly between integrated systems, the need for manually entering data into individual systems is eliminated.

Access to Real-Time Data

Access to Real-Time Data

Integrated systems provide you access to real time data enabling you to plan strategies more effectively.

Save Costs

Save Costs

Integrated systems eliminate the need to manage and maintain multiple systems. Also, as most of the data entry becomes workflow-driven, manual processes are minimized. As processes become more streamlined and manual tasks are reduced you can now save both time and money.

Ensures Data Accuracy

Ensures Data Accuracy

Integrating systems while helping you save on time for manual data entry also ensures that your business data is accurate and consistent across the enterprise. As data is entered only once, and shared across the system, there is less chance of duplicate entries or human errors to mar its accuracy.

Handles Scalability Requirement

Handles Scalability Requirement

As your business grows, you need to include newer systems, technologies, and data sources to manage that growth. Integrated systems help you scale up easily by including the new entrants into your existing architecture.

We Provide Software Integrated Services Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Aegis’s Software Integration Consultants

As a company providing software integration solutions, we understand the importance of your applications with the flexibility and scalability to support your growing business needs. Our consultants have developed a time-tested process that helps to provide an end-to-end solution to all your software integration challenges.

Integration Consultants

Step 1 : Need Analysis

As a first pre-requisite, we help you analyze your objective for the integration. Our software integration consultants will help you define:

  • Your goals, for example, save costs, enhance customer experience, initiate process transformation, or introduce innovation.
  • The non-functional requirements of the integrations and prioritize them in order of relevance to your business, namely, scalability, security, availability, and so on.

Step 2 : Integration Approach

When you define your integration goals, we help you identify the ideal approach for integration. At Aegis, we are well-equipped to provide our services in the following approaches:

  • Point-to-point integration: We help you build a custom code for the integration and train your in-house resources to implement it.
  • Native Integration: We help you leverage the built-in integrations from an application provider.
  • ESB Implementation: We help you install, implement, and integrate using the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that sends data between connected applications.
  • Integration as a Service (IpaaS): We help you leverage the Integration as a Service to cloud platform that provides several pre-built connections to applications and ensures data security.

Step 3 : Implementation

We integrate your applications based on the approach you have identified to help you achieve the goals you have outlined.

Scope of Software Integration Services

Aegis has catered to multiple organizations across industry verticals to help them adopt software integration services strategies to build stronger and better business processes. Our software integration consultants have demonstrated their capabilities to display their exemplary expertise in multiple Industry verticals.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social Media has proved to be a vital source for customer and competitor insights. Every business today has social media which they scour regularly to gain valuable updates and plan their marketing strategy. At Aegis, we have helped organizations integrate their social media platforms with their marketing automation tools and CRM systems.

E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce Integration

Most businesses today have moved online. To manage and streamline their processes a seamless integration must be created between the eCommerce platforms and their backend system. Our consultants have provided their expert assistance to several eCommerce organizations on their digital journey.

Application Integration

Application Integration

We have helped organizations integrate their HRIS, ITSM, CRM, or ERP systems to sync information for streamlining customer onboarding, lead creation, employee onboarding, and IT ticket generation processes.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence is the new power to fuel your business drives. Our skilled software integration consultants have provided expert guidance to organizations for integrating their machine learning models and AI algorithms.

Advantage of Aegis Software Integration Solutions

Integrating software solutions is very specific to every business. Your unique business and the objectives you want to achieve will define your integration requirements. Our software integration services move you above the competition and allow you to claim your spot in the highly demanding and volatile technology firmament.


Aegis has a distinct advantage when it comes to serving customers. Our software integration solutions provider company understands the need for your business to remain agile and scalable to meet the growing business needs. But above all, we understand you! We recognize that every organization is different. We take immense pride in our customer-focused approach.

Technology Expertise

We believe that to deliver quality we need to breed quality. Our skilled consultants are sourced based on their excellent credentials and expertise. They bring to the job a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the domain. Our experts display a perfect blend of passion and proficiency which helps them deliver quality in every deployment.

Delivery Guarantee

Our efforts to serve our customers with full diligence have reaped their rightful rewards. We have successfully achieved a 100% delivery guarantee in all our engagements garnering more happy and satisfied customers as we grow.

Cost-Effective Pricing Models

Cost is an important criterion that must be factored into every business plan. Our pricing models are designed by building into that consideration. As a result, our integrated services are not only cost-effective but also extremely competitive.

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