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Latest Security updates for Microsoft .net Framework


Microsoft .net team has recently released important security updates for .net framework that would bypass Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) feature when user is browsing any crafted site. Aegis .net development team is sharing this update with .net community and users to help .net programmers worldwide.

The security update resolves vulnerability issue reported privately for Microsoft .net framework. Here, if attacker tries to access private code then report will be submitted to Microsoft and strict action will be taken quickly. The security update also helps you in checking affected and non affected programs. Also, it does not allow execution of arbitrary code. In this way, this wonderful security update protects users against number of vulnerabilities.

To know full details on security update, it is better to contact Microsoft update center. You can also read out FAQ sub-section under security update section. Now you can also check affected versions of Microsoft .net framework to avoid future vulnerabilities.

Users don’t have to put extra efforts to use this security update. Just enable automatic Windows updates in your Computer and security update will be downloaded or installed itself. The best idea is to check configuration section and turn on automatic update section. In case, security update is not installed automatically then you can take help from .net development team from Aegis or read out FAQ section.

If you wanted to download or install this security update manually then you can use update management software released by Microsoft. Lastly, download links are available in affected software section under security update bulletin.

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