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Visual Studio 14 update with enhancements in Asp.net vNext development framework


The fourth community technology preview was released by Microsoft earlier this week for the upcoming Visual Studio 14 update with Asp.net vNext and .net framework, and few streamlining in C# and C++. Last month, CTP 3 was released with the preview of .Net framework and Asp.net vNext. For CTP 4 releases, several weeks of efforts and developer community response have started giving shape to those features.

Under Asp.net vNext, developers have introduced few new changes related to Asp.net tooling and web-development. With such enhancements and alterations, Visual Studio uses design-time host to boost its build scenarios for vNext app projects. The concept of making changes is for shortening the process.

Developers can experience some improvements in the Asp.net vNext support for modern project layouts. It also includes alpha4 runtime package that devs can use for Asp.net development purposes. .Net framework includes an updated RyuJIT version, the 64-bit just in time compiler that provides effective performance enhancements over the legacy 64-bit JIT compiler. Developers need to be cautious of the changes to this version as they may experience behavioral changes in case they use it.

The CTP also supports C++ debugging improvements; debugger loads faster and is capable of managing deadlock issues and complaints.

Enhanced and new C# 6.0 version

Many changes and improvements have been introduced to C# 6.0 in the CTP 3 releases. Let’s discuss them in brief:

Null conditional operator

Even a novice knows about the NullReferenceException that always indicates a bug when a developer fails to perform sufficient null checking prior invoking a member on an object (null).

Auto property initializers

In case a .net developer has implemented as struct properly, he has been bothered by syntax amount to make the type immutable. C# 6.0 has been introduced to save developers with its new feature- auto property initializers, that enables properties assignment directly inside their declaration.

Other features:

  • Name of expressions
  • Primary constructors
  • Expression Bodied properties and functions and more

Developers are interested in C# and keep on trying their best to maintain its excellence. The modification and enhancements in the language will definitely help them in Asp.net development projects.

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