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Azure DevOps Services

Leverage Aegis Expertise with Streamline Development

Are you ready to revolutionize your development process? At Aegis Softtech, we offer cutting-edge Azure DevOps services that seamlessly integrate continuous delivery into your workflow. Elevate your cloud solutions with reliable interfaces and collaborate more efficiently with our modern Azure DevOps consulting services.

Empowered Clients

Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

Aegis is your trusted Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions partner helping you make the most of Azure DevOps for your business. It is adaptable, easy to use, and built for your success. Azure DevOps is like a powerful toolbox for launching software with ease. Embrace the endless possibilities of Azure DevOps implementation services and revolutionize your SDLC. Azure DevOps server support can cater to your specific needs and scale with your organization.

Azure Boards

Azure Boards

We help you move faster and smarter with our Agile planning tools. Plan, track, and work with your teams effortlessly using adaptable Kanban boards and interactive to-do lists. Deliver value to your users quicker than ever.

Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines

We're experts in unlocking the smooth workflow for all platforms, languages, and clouds. Easily connect to GitHub or any Git provider to keep your work continuously moving forward. Your journey to smooth workflows starts right here with us.

Azure Repos

Azure Repos

Step into a world of boundless collaboration using our cloud-based private Git repositories. Take advantage of strong Git hosting, effortless code reviews, and an abundance of repositories. With us, collaboration has no limits.

GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub Advanced Security

We ensure you can innovate without worrying about security. We integrate security testing into your development process, so your teams can create confidently. It's innovation with a safety net, thanks to us.

Azure Test Plans

Azure Test Plans

We ensure your code is top-notch by using tools that test it thoroughly. It means you can release your software with confidence, knowing it's going to work well.

Azure Artifacts

Azure Artifacts

We make it easy for your team to create, store, and share packages. Additionally, we seamlessly fit package sharing into your workflow, so it's smooth sailing all the way.

Upgrade To Azure DevOps Excellence

Upgrade To Azure DevOps

Take your business to the next level with uncompromised delivery with your trusted Azure DevOps-certified partner. We specialize in Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions, ensuring that your apps perform flawlessly on a wide network. Rest assured, our Azure DevOps server support is committed to your success and has undergone rigorous validation to meet Microsoft standards. Accelerate your cloud operations, reduce costs, and achieve faster time-to-market with our Azure DevOps Services.

With Aegis as your Azure DevOps consulting partner, you can move forward confidently in your cloud journey. We are committed to helping you accelerate your cloud operations and workloads while minimizing costs, increasing efficiency, and speeding up the release management cycle.

We Deliver Services For Azure DevOps Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Why Hire Azure DevOps Engineers from Aegis?

With a suite of advanced Azure DevOps consulting services, you can elevate your strategy, enhance teamwork, and accelerate delivery. At Aegis Softtech, we bring unmatched expertise. With speed, reliability, and a knack for security, we help you deliver top-notch applications. Get the technical support and guidance you need to innovate and grow.

Our approach is flexible – choose the Azure DevOps services that align with your unique workflows. Whether it's interactive backlogs, powerful planning tools, or flexible Git hosting, our Azure DevOps server support team is always there.

What is in our Arsenal?

With our Azure DevOps implementation services, you can say goodbye to manual and time-consuming tasks. Think of us as your GPS for improvement. We study how you do things, what you use, and where you want to go. Then, we give you a map that shows the best way to get there, with advice on how to make it happen and help you along the way.

our Arsenal
Application Modernization

Application Modernization

We are here to modernize your apps, shifting them to a cloud-first approach. It means they'll run better, be more secure, and always be ready for you to use.


Managed Services

No matter where your setup is, whether it is on your premises or your infrastructure, we take care of it all. Our Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions provider team will analyze, improve, and make it cost-effective.

-Grade Infrastructure

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

When it comes to developing apps in the cloud, we have got you covered. You will get the best infrastructure – storage, computing power, and networking – all on a pay-as-you-go basis. It's like having a top-notch toolkit just for you.

DevOps for Enterprise

DevOps for Enterprise

We're like the turbo boost for big and mid-sized businesses. We make sure their projects get done faster and the software they create is top-notch. That's what we call DevOps excellence.

Holistic Roadmap

Holistic Roadmap

We analyze your processes, infrastructure, and lifecycle, providing a roadmap that includes architectural consulting, DevOps coaching, and enablement.

Azure Expert MSPs

Azure Expert MSPs

Connect with us for automation, cloud service operations, and optimization. Our Azure DevOps server support team have got the skills you need.

Azure Specialization

Azure Advanced Specialization

We're your partners for application development, cloud migration, data & AI, and hybrid cloud solutions. It's all part of our Microsoft Azure analytics services.

Better Report

Better Report

We help you make your reports better and explore the exciting world of AI. Plus, we create solutions that fit perfectly with what you need. Expect top-tier Azure DevOps consulting expertise.

Azure DevOps Implementation Services

At Aegis Softtech, our Azure DevOps implementation services cover various facets of DevOps. Be it introducing essential tools and practices, migrating from other solutions, or streamlining technical automation, we redefine your approach to DevOps.

Implementation and Deployment

We make it easy for you to embrace DevOps' best practices. Our services include setting up strong Build & Release Pipelines. Rest easy, we have got you covered. We will help in Azure DevOps deployment seamlessly.

Effortless Integration

We seamlessly integrate automated testing into your build pipelines, ensuring code quality and performance. Plus, we connect your pipelines with external code quality and profiling services for comprehensive insights.

Smooth Migration

Want to Migrate from other tools to Azure DevOps? We handle it with expertise.

Knowledge Transfer

Through our training sessions on Azure DevOps, we empower your team with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the full potential of this powerful platform.

Why Opt For Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions?

By embracing Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions, businesses can experience improved efficiency, faster time to market, and quality-driven development. Developers can focus on building innovative solutions while leveraging the platform's powerful features, such as built-in analytics and automated workflows.

  • Platform and cloud agnostic
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Simplified setup
  • High reliability
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved ROI
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
Microsoft Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Server Support

With Azure DevOps Server support, we ensure seamless integration with third-party services, streamlining your software projects across the entire SDLC. Choose the Azure DevOps deployment that suits your needs. Whether it's a single-server setup for smaller teams or a multi-server deployment for larger-scale projects, our Azure DevOps implementation services offer the flexibility you require. The goal of our Azure DevOps consulting is to provide you with the best performance, high availability, and disaster recovery options.

Explore The Benefits Of Our Azure DevOps Services

Boost your code quality with automated testing and align quality with Azure DevOps services. Our Azure DevOps experts will help you successfully adopt and manage DevOps practices. With our Azure DevOps implementation services, you can take advantage of powerful features.

Proven Expertise

Our team of dedicated experts has a deep understanding of Azure DevOps and has successfully delivered solutions for a wide range of clients. We have a track record of excellence in implementing Azure DevOps best practices.

Swift Product Launch

By utilizing our DevOps Services, you can realize quick product rollout for your applications and services. We streamline the development and deployment processes, ensuring your products reach your customers more quickly.

Cost Optimization

We help you optimize your cloud costs by ensuring your resources are used efficiently. Our expertise in Azure DevOps allows us to fine-tune your infrastructure and minimize wastage.

Resilient Systems

Our DevOps approach includes robust practices for building resilient and highly available systems. We ensure that your applications can withstand unexpected challenges and deliver uninterrupted services to your users.

Everything as Code

At our core, we are all about fostering a "Code is King" culture. Imagine if everything related to your cloud setup, like how your systems work, the rules they follow, and even the guidelines they follow, could be written down in a code. It is all about keeping things organized and ensuring no surprises.

DevOps Consulting Services

Our dedicated teams provide DevOps consulting services tailored to your organization's unique needs. We work closely with your IT department to accelerate your projects and guide you in adopting DevOps best practices throughout the development lifecycle.

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