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ServiceNow Support Services

Optimizing ServiceNow for Better Satisfaction, lower costs

Outsource ServiceNow support services to Aegis Softtech to drive full-fledged digital transformation ensuring peak performance of the platform. We revolutionize your IT operations, shifting towards models that prioritize service excellence and streamlined functionality.


Ensure ServiceNow stability through our comprehensive support services, overcoming software implementation hurdles for enhanced efficiency. Choose Aegis Softtech for a simplified, potent ServiceNow experience that amplifies productivity, maintains platform stability, and upholds your business towards unprecedented success.

Aegis Softtech: Elevating Your ServiceNow Support Services


Trust Aegis Softtech for end-to-end ServiceNow support services, from troubleshooting to sustaining peak efficiency. Beyond mere fixes, our comprehensive solutions drive digital transformation, ensuring stability and optimal performance for your ServiceNow solutions.

  • Elevate your digital transformation with Aegis Softtech support.
  • Unlock ServiceNow’s potential for user-friendly, scalable solutions with our expertise.
  • Experience cost reduction, risk mitigation, and improved quality through our support services.
  • Prioritize transparency and control for operational efficiency enhancements with us.
  • Accelerate projects and boost efficiency with expert resources available through contractual agreements.

Our Support Services Mechanism

At Aegis, we swiftly address implementation bottlenecks to guarantee a seamless user experience throughout your organization. Rely on us as your skilled expert, guiding you professionally through support services, ensuring streamlined, centralized, and customized IT processes tailored to your unique needs.

Dynamic Growth Support

Dynamic Growth Support

As your business expands, our expert team ensures seamless ServiceNow scalability, offering comprehensive support services.

NOW Platform Experts

NOW Platform Experts

Rely on our ServiceNow consultants with expertise across the entire NOW Platform for efficient assistance.

Tailored Support Plans

Tailored Support Plans

Choose from ongoing and on-demand support based on your unique business management requirements.

Proactive Ongoing Assistance

Proactive Ongoing Assistance

Proactively manage day-to-day tasks, reducing internal management risks with our continuous support.

Responsive On-Demand Service

Responsive On-Demand Service

Get immediate assistance for onboarding, releases, feature requests, or bug fixes, ensuring a reliable support system.

Responsive IT Desk:

Responsive IT Desk:

Benefit from a fully staffed and managed Service Desk for comprehensive support.

Cost-Efficient Support Model

Cost-Efficient Support Model

Our affordable support model is based on draw-down hours, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Flexible Hour Usage

Flexible Hour Usage

Utilize draw-down hours for requests, enhancements, and incidents providing flexibility.

Pay Structure

Pay Structure

Pay for draw-down hours monthly in arrears, aligning with your consumption.

Strategic Support Partnership

Strategic Support Partnership

Forge a strategic partnership for ongoing success with our tailored and reliable support services.


Collaborate With Aegis ServiceNow Support Professionals

Engage with Aegis's ServiceNow support services that ensure certified expertise, efficient resolution, and tailored support models for enhanced business efficiency. Rely on Aegis for ServiceNow support, staffed with certified professionals dedicated to enhancing IT system management for both your company and clients. Our ServiceNow experts ensure round-the-clock, unstoppable support.

ServiceNow Support Services at Aegis

ServiceNow Support Services
Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions

Proactively tackling challenges, Aegis takes a forward-thinking approach, recognizing and resolving issues before they disrupt operations. This proactive strategy guarantees a consistently seamless operational experience, prioritizing smooth workflows and uninterrupted processes.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Cost-Efficient Operations

Aegis's offshore solutions guarantee cost savings, maximizing efficiency through strategic outsourcing. Experience significant financial benefits without compromising service excellence, ensuring a balance of savings and exceptional performance.

Dynamic Evolution

Dynamic Evolution

Our pledge to ongoing enhancement ensures our support services adapt to your business demands, fostering a dynamic and responsive collaboration.

Risk Shield

Risk Shield

Aegis fortifies your business by upholding industry standards and implementing robust measures for security and compliance. We safeguard your operations, mitigating potential threats and ensuring a secure operational environment.

Global Synergy

Global Synergy

Aegis stands out by seamlessly blending onsite and offshore resources to offer robust staffing solutions. This ensures swift issue resolution and consistently optimal performance, providing you with comprehensive and reliable support services.

Collaborative Strategy

Collaborative Strategy

Forge a dynamic alliance with Aegis, characterized by collaboration and strategic partnership, fostering mutual growth and success. Leverage our dedicated support to effectively achieve your business objectives.

We Provide Services for ServiceNow Support Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Aegis ServiceNow Support Services Key Aspects

With ServiceNow for seamless operations, we empower your team to prioritize efficient usage and service improvements. Experience uninterrupted support for bugs, enhancements, troubleshoots, malfunctions, and upgrades keeping your platform optimized.

Supported Aspects in your ServiceNow Solution by Aegis

  • Collaborative Approach for ServiceNow Store Applications with External Publishers
  • Proactive Solution Health Checks and Security Audits for Robust Protection
  • Expert Implementation to Integrate New ServiceNow Products and Features
  • ITIL-Based Troubleshooting for Incident, Problem, and Change Management
  • Full-Scale Assistance for Custom and Purchased ServiceNow Applications
  • Continuous & Proactive or On-Demand Support
  • Fine-Tuned ServiceNow Adjustments
  • Extensive ServiceNow Functionality Expansions for Enhanced Capabilities
  • Customized ServiceNow Support for Optimal Performance and Stability
  • Drive Digital Transformation with our Evolving ServiceNow Solutions
  • Robust Support for Internal and External ServiceNow Integrations
  • Seamless Release Migration to Keep Your Solution Up-to-Date
  • Efficient System Administration and Performance Monitoring
  • Internal and External Connectivity for Holistic Ecosystem

ServiceNow Products we work with

ITSM Services

Incident Management
Knowledge Management
Service Level Management
Request Management
Configuration Management
Reports and Dashboards
Problem Management
Change Management

ITOM Services

Event Management Operational Intelligence

ITAM Services

Asset Management
Software Asset Management

ITBM Services

Resource Management
Project Portfolio Management
Performance Analytics for ITBM

CSM Services

Customer Service Management
Field Service Management

Other Services

Agent Intelligence
Performance Analytics
Walk-up Experience
Virtual Agent
Agent Workforce
Continual Improvement Management
Agile Development
Test Management
Service Mapping
Demand Management
Application Portfolio Management
Financial Planning

Our Delivery Approach

Why Choose Aegis Softtech?

Strategic SLA Partnership

Strategic SLA Partnership

Crafting mutually agreed SLAs, we align our focus with your business goals. Our strategic approach ensures a collaborative and goal-driven partnership, fostering mutual success and growth.

Tailored Onsite-Offshore Models

Tailored Onsite-Offshore Models

Choose the model that suits your needs: Onsite-Offshore or Pure Offshore. Aegis offers flexibility, deploying skilled architects, developers, and engineers to drive seamless administration and support tailored to your requirements.

Transparent Resource Deployment

Transparent Resource Deployment

Experience transparent and straightforward pricing with a flat monthly fee based on the resources deployed. Aegis ensures clarity and simplicity, allowing you to optimize costs and resources effectively.

Adaptive Work Timings

Adaptive Work Timings

Embrace flexibility with Aegis's support. Tailor work timings to suit your business demands, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency aligned with your unique operational requirements.

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

Opt for round-the-clock support or choose time zone-specific assistance. Aegis provides the flexibility you need, ensuring continuous availability and responsiveness to address your support needs promptly.

Aegis ServiceNow Support Services Benefits

Escape the hassle of handling your internal ServiceNow capabilities. Let Aegis take the lead in streamlining and managing your ServiceNow support services operations seamlessly.

Integrated Resolver Groups

Experience the synergy of our resolver groups seamlessly integrated into your system. Gain valuable customer insights through our reportable tools, ensuring a cohesive and efficient support structure.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Bid farewell to the challenges of high churn rates and idle resources. Aegis ensures optimal resource utilization, preventing unnecessary expenses during stable system phases.

Cross-Platform Expertise Access

Unlock access to Aegis's extensive cross-platform expertise. Leverage our knowledge and skills to enhance your ServiceNow capabilities and navigate the complexities of modern IT operations.

Comprehensive Support Demos

Explore the capabilities of Aegis through free demonstrations. Receive dedicated business case support and expert guidance, ensuring a clear understanding of how our services align with your unique requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer comprehensive services for ServiceNow Support tailored to your unique requirements

Report issues seamlessly through our support portal or contact our skilled team directly

Yes, we adeptly handle highly customized ServiceNow instances, ensuring seamless support

We support various ServiceNow modules and versions including ITBM, DevOps, SECOPS, ITAM, ITOM, IRM, ITSM, and change management modules, staying current with industry trends.

Data security is paramount; we ensure robust measures during the entire support process.

Critical incidents are handled promptly, following ITIL-based practices for quick resolution.

Regular updates are communicated, keeping you informed throughout the support process.

Assistance with ServiceNow version upgrades is part of our comprehensive support services.

Service continuity is ensured during upgrades or maintenance through strategic planning.

Absolutely you can! Customize your support plan based on specific needs, ensuring optimal assistance and satisfaction

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