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Redefine Business On Financial Services Data Cloud

Leverage your business with the Financial Services Data Cloud to develop innovative, customer-focused solutions and generate new revenue streams while maintaining top-notch security and compliance. Aegis Softtech’s Snowflake consulting for finance services helps to harness the true potential of your financial firm.

Empowered Clients
financial services

Say goodbye to data and technology silos and hello to streamlined operations, compliance, and a competitive edge. Its platform capabilities, tailored solutions, and extensive partner ecosystem make it easier than ever to bind the power of financial data in a single, secure location. Do not just survive in a data-intensive industry, be a champion with the Snowflake.

  • Data-driven workflows
  • Generate revenue
  • Data management and complaint
  • Built-in security and governance
  • 1100+ data sets from leading providers
  • Cloud resilience

Adopt Snowflake for Financial Data Analysis to Drive Growth

Financial Data Analysis

Snowflake for financial data analysis is an ideal platform to analyze financial information. It helps to supercharge personalized experience, mitigate risk, support mission-critical processes, combat fraud, and enhance security.

Snowflake has built-in tools to help manage and organize data, making it easy to access for authorized users. You can add resources when needed and only pay for what you use. Plenty of space is available to store all your data in one secure place. The built-in tools also help speed up the data analysis so you can make decisions faster. Plus, the platform has excellent security measures to keep your data safe.

Why Choose Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud?

Intelligent Infrastructure

Snowflake provides hassle-free, optimized data management as a service. Scale up and down as needed with the flexible pricing model.

Unified Data Governance

Snowflake provides reliable security and governance features that allow organizations to work together on data security and comply with regulatory requirements on a single platform.

Security Features

These features include private connections for different cloud services, strong encryption with the option for companies to use their encryption keys, built-in protection for sensitive data, and integration with external data security services.


With Snowflake, enterprises can easily connect to over 1100 datasets and industry platforms such as Aladdin, EY comply, and more.


All these capabilities meet SOX standards and help organizations collaborate on data safely and efficiently.

Data Sharing across multiple Public Clouds

This feature will allow data sharing between several environments, including multi-tenant and Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS). It will make it easier for financial organizations to share data securely and efficiently across various platforms with the financial services data cloud.

We Deliver Snowflake Financial Services Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Discover Use Cases of Snowflake for Financial Data Analysis

ESG Investing

Utilize ESG information to support investment analysis and research, facilitate the formation of portfolios, and assist businesses in adhering to regulatory disclosure obligations.

Risk Assessment in Insurance

Utilize data science and machine learning automation to leverage additional data for improved risk assessment, optimized pricing and policy creation, and the launch of personalized insurance policies.

Secure Data Exchange for Financial Services

Maintain data privacy while collaborating with partners and customers across various business lines through Snowflake consulting for finance services.

Algorithm Trading

Boost investment returns with a blend of internal and external data sources enabled by flexible computing power.

360-Degree Customer View

Use customer insights to create personalized investment plans that match their needs and preferences. It happens through data analysis that helps identify the best investment options.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Reduce financial and reputational risk by utilizing data from all aspects of your business to identify potential fraud and adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Information Security

Use Snowflake data services to simplify cybersecurity operations, such as detecting threats, automating compliance, and securing cloud data.

Compliance Reporting

Fulfill regulatory reporting requirements for various regions and business lines using a unified data platform.

Customize Customer Interactions

Get rid of data silos and create a comprehensive view of customers on a single platform that serves analysts, data scientists, and applications.

Generate Revenue from Data

All leading companies are utilizing the Data Cloud to provide real-time data and expand their customer base, monetizing the data.

Expand Consumer Product Offerings

Employ Snowflake performance engine to empower large-scale customer & field-facing apps and enhance developer efficiency.

Explore Snowflake Consulting For Finance

Snowflake Consulting For Finance

At Aegis Softech, our expert consultants offer reliable Snowflake consulting for finance. We, as trusted experts, provide customized Snowflake for financial data analysis to help you boost the worth of your organization. By working with us, you can harness the full power of the Snowflake Data Cloud to mitigate risk and achieve business goals. Our financial services data cloud team consists of passionate and dedicated consultants with a unique approach. We play a vital role in your transition providing end-to-end consulting to determine the best tech stack implementation to produce value-driven outcomes.

  • Traditional data warehouse to snowflake migration
  • Build a roadmap for data warehouse solutions
  • Snowflake implementation
  • Advisory and consulting
  • Platform optimization
  • Strategic services
  • Managed services
  • Data integration

Frequently Asked Questions

To automate users and roles provision or de-provision in Snowflake, use SCIM and map user groups to Snowflake roles. It allows you to have a single source of user management and automate syncing user groups to Snowflake permissions. If you're using a separate identity provider, you need to set up federated authentication for user authentication with Snowflake.

Snowflake offers robust solutions to support your data governance practice, including integrated user management and access controls. It also provides automatic data replication between availability zones to ensure data availability and integrity. Snowflake encrypts all data at rest and in transit, providing a secure environment for your data.

In the modern economy, data is the pillar of financial institutions. Technological growth has paved the way for revolutionary changes. These changes include the automation of claim and application reviews, real-time portfolio performance reporting, fraud detection and alerting, and the creation of early warning systems for account delinquency.

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