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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights To Improve Customer Experience

Dynamics 365 insights unify customer data from multiple sources to create an omnichannel view, enabling businesses to personalize interactions, anticipate needs, drive loyalty, and deliver exceptional experiences across all touchpoints.

The Dynamics 365 Customer insights consulting services by Aegis Softtech specialize in leveraging its power to offer data analysis, dashboard creation, predictive analytics, and more. Customer service insights consulting helps businesses make data-driven decisions that lead to improved customer engagement and revenue growth.

Empowered Clients

Key Insights Of The Customer Data Platform


Algorithmic Driven Analysis

By leveraging built-in artificial intelligence, the customer data platform provides real-time analysis of customer behavior that enables businesses to identify patterns and correlations to make informed decisions to anticipate high-value customers, unveil new customer segments and cross-selling potential, and detect at-risk customers.


Action Oriented Strategic Conclusions

Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with your current system, giving you a comprehensive view of your data through report models. You can customize reports to visualize any customer segment or touchpoint along their journey, enabling you to gain insights and make informed decisions effortlessly.


Customer Data Consolidation

It consolidates customer data from first- and third-party sources, allowing businesses to build enhanced customer profiles. The platform uses Pre-built connectors and customizable AI segments to create KPIs without coding.


Personalized Experience

It enables personalized experiences by unifying customer data from multiple sources, providing businesses with a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviors. (buying trends, demographics, journey, etc.)


Robust, Aided, and Scalable

Azure provides secure and compliant machine-learning capabilities. It grows and scales with your business while you maintain complete ownership of your data.

We Deliver Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights Across

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Leverage Customer Service Insights Consulting From A Trusted Microsoft Partner

Our proficiency in Microsoft platforms and bespoke dynamics CRM solutions built for clients worldwide have positioned us as a reliable customer service insights consulting company.


15 years of Microsoft Dynamics Partnership


Microsoft Certified Partnership


More than 250 Successful Projects Delivery


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Methodical Approach

Frequently Asked Questions About D365 Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights can integrate data from broad sources, including social media platforms, CRM systems, transactional systems, etc. This flexibility gives a complete picture of your customer behavior and preferences.

You can create customer segments based on behavior, preferences, and other criteria using the customer insights tool. It allows you to target specific groups of customers with personalized messaging and offers, which can increase engagement and conversions.

D365 Customer Services Insights follows strict data security and privacy protocols, including encryption and access controls, to ensure your customer data is safe and secure. Additionally, you retain ownership and control of your data, and Microsoft does not use your data for advertising or other purposes.

It is user-friendly and accessible to business users, with a drag-and-drop interface for data mapping and segmentation. However, little technical knowledge may be required to set up data integrations and customize the platform to meet your needs.

Yes! Microsoft offers D365 Customer Services Insights a free trial version that allows you to explore the customer data platform capabilities and see how it can benefit your business.

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