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ERP Testing Services

ERP applications are considered to be at the heart of every business. This software is responsible for the smooth functioning of a company's operations and is used by all departments like finance, sales, marketing and human resources and has become an integral part of a company's day-to-day operations.

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At our ERP testing Services Company, we offer domain-specific testing module development and implementation customized with test cases local to your system. We help identify potential issues before they cause any damage to your system or interfere with its performance. Our ERP testing outsourcing team will give you an honest opinion about how well your system is performing and any changes that need to be made to improve it.

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ERP Testing Solutions

Aegis offers a wide range of ERP application testing services to help ensure your ERP solution meets all your functional and non-functional requirements. Our experts will work with you to design test plans incorporating manual and automated testing techniques.

Our team has over a decade of experience in the field, and we know how to build a strong foundation of ERP to grow your business. We're here to help you identify and address areas where improvements can be made - from security testing to performance testing. Here are a few of the top ERP testing solutions we offer.

Testing for Security

Testing for Security

We will audit your new or existing system for security vulnerabilities to help protect against hackers or internal breaches. This is particularly important if you use a cloud-based solution and want to ensure that your data is safe from outside attacks.

Testing for Performance

Testing for Performance

We can help you assess the performance of your new or existing system so that you can identify any bottlenecks before they occur. This will allow you to make adjustments, saving time and money in the long run. We also provide RP testing consulting sessions to give you a better idea to improve the performance of future plans.

Due Diligence Consulting

Due Diligence Consulting

As part of our ERP due diligence testing consulting service, we'll assess your current environment and help you plan for the future. We can also guide how best to maintain and manage your new system to continue performing at optimal levels for years to come.

New ERP Assessment

New ERP Assessment

If you are considering implementing an ERP but want some extra assurance about its viability, we can help by assessing your industry, users and the requirements for your ERP system and advice on the best features and tools you'll need.

Data Integrity Validation

Data Integrity Validation

ERP applications are designed to handle large volumes of data. However, if this data is not validated before being stored in the system, it can lead to data integrity problems. Our ERP testing & outsourcing team will test for data integrity by validating all incoming and outgoing data against its expected format, structure, and type.

Business Process Testing

Business Process Testing

Business process testing involves simulating real-world scenarios to identify errors or anomalies that may occur during normal operations. We conduct these tests within an environment that mimics production conditions as closely as possible so that any issues can be resolved before going live.

Testing for Usability

Testing for Usability

This is a crucial step to ensure that the users find it easy to use your software with no hindrances whatsoever. We provide ERP software testing services to ensure that there are no mistakes or any other sorts of errors while using the application.

Testing for Load Capacity

Testing for Load Capacity

Apart from ensuring that your application works perfectly fine, we also ensure that it can handle all kinds of loads without crashing or causing any glitches in its functionality or performance levels. Our ERP testing outsourcing solutions can also prepare you for future workloads.

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Our ERP Testing Methodology

ERP systems are complex and can be challenging to test. The scope of testing is not limited to the system's functional aspects but includes non-functional requirements such as usability, maintainability, and performance.

This is why you need experts from an ERP testing services company who understand the business processes involved to identify appropriate test cases. We design test cases to simulate real-life scenarios and ensure that all possible scenarios are covered during the test process.

  • Test Plan Development

    Test Plan Development

    This is the first step in the process of testing an ERP application. Our ERP testing outsourcing team develops a test plan that helps define and decide which tests must be performed on the system. Our team of experts will develop your test plan by following basic steps like identifying all possible risks, defining success criteria and determining relevant test cases.

  • Test Case Designing

    Test Case Designing

    Test case designing helps us to evaluate if certain functionality is working as per our expectations or not. For this process, we create a list of all possible scenarios that may occur while using the application and then design test cases accordingly.

  • Testing


    In this stage, we perform various activities like checking if all functionalities are working properly, identifying bugs and errors, if any and providing solutions for them if required, etc. After completing these tasks successfully, we offer a detailed report, its status, and suggestions to fix the issues.

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Push Your ERP Excellence with Our ERP Software Testing Services

If you plan to launch an ERP system, you need to test it thoroughly before the actual launch date. The system's quality will directly affect your business performance and customer satisfaction.

ERP testing is essential to ensure that all modules work as they should be working before going live with them. This will ensure that your business does not experience downtime once the new software goes live. It can also find errors in installing software or due to incorrect configuration or bugs in software that went undetected until then.

Battle the Issue of Inaccurate Data

Battle the Issue of Inaccurate Data

It's difficult to run a business effectively when there are errors in your data. Our team will make sure that all of your data is accurate so that you can make informed decisions about future operations. We conduct rigorous tests to find any loopholes that can compromise the data quality and provide suggestions to fix them.

Handle Security Risks Early On

Handle Security Risks Early On

Hackers often target ERP systems because they contain sensitive information such as personal information and financial data. Our security engineers will ensure that all of your sensitive data remains safe from hackers by testing firewalls and performing penetration tests on the network architecture.

Avoid Costly Fixes Later On

Avoid Costly Fixes Later On

ERP systems are complex and require proper testing to ensure that they meet your business needs. An ERP implementation can be a lengthy process that requires planning, preparation and testing. If you don't take the time to test your new system properly, chances are good that you'll have to make costly fixes later on.

Ensure Continuous Integration

Ensure Continuous Integration

Your ERP system might connect with your accounting software or supply chain management system - if those connections aren't tested, you could risk downtime or security issues. To avoid any problems with communication between multiple systems with ERP, our ERP testing consulting team conducts integration tests.

The Expertise of Our ERP Testing Services Company

Aegis offers comprehensive ERP testing services to ensure that your systems are robust and ready for use by your employees. Our team of experts has extensive experience in testing ERP systems across various industries and verticals. We can help you with any type of testing - from functional testing to performance testing and compatibility testing - so you can be sure that your system will deliver excellent results.

25% faster time-to-market for your new software

25% faster time-to-market for your new software

When you're developing brand-new ERP software for your internal use, you need to put it through rigorous testing so your team can start using it without a hitch. Our ERP testing solutions are designed to be thorough and fast and can cut down the considerable time from the development timeline.

At least a 20% increase in revenue

At least a 20% increase in revenue

With accurate data, you can make informed decisions about your product or service offerings with ERP. This way, our testing services for ERP applications can increase sales and generate maximum ROI for your organization - or at the least, cut down costly fixes in the future. It can help you get more sales opportunities and improve market share for ERP providers.

30% reduction in the risk of errors, loss of data and fraud

30% reduction in the risk of errors, loss of data and fraud

A well-tested ERP system provides better security features which makes it difficult for hackers to break into your system and steal confidential information. Our team conducts stringent security testing that removes the possibility of errors or any loopholes for external access that could threaten your entire organization.

Want to test your ERP to boost its security and performance? Contact us to know more about how our ERP application testing services can help you.

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