Global Automation Testing Services Companies to Keep an Eye On in 2024

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The procedure of software testing is crucial to the expansion of any successful software product. It’s a complex and time-consuming task that requires a greater level of expertise to ensure that software’s are functioning as intended. Selecting the correct software testing company could be challenging, as there are so many options available in the market. You want a company that will provide you with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services.

It is the key to sustained automation and performance. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, this list will help you make an informed decision when selecting the finest Testing Services.

Best Global Automation Testing Services for 2024

1. Aegis Softtech

Company Overview

Aegis Softtech understands the significance of incorporating application testing from start to finish. Our customers are happy and satisfied as our agile services offer a continuous delivery platform. There are more detailed parameters based on which our global automation testing services are executed. We follow structured steps to minimize crashes, slow performances or other technical issues that may crop up after activation. We achieve and implement strategies with a combination of tools and technologies. Aegis comes with long history of being regarded as a trustworthy provider of top Application Testing Services.

Headquarters - India, USA, Australia, UK

Minimum Project Size - We are able to meet any and all of your needs, whether you require for a small or big project.

Average Hourly Rate - Depending entirely on the job type. Individual project prices will undoubtedly vary based on the difficulty of the project, the testing, and the team members themselves.

Company Size - 100 to 150

Primary Services - The services range from DevOps and corporate mobility to app development platforms. Any of the 18 services that improve BI, Data storage, Dynamic ERP, and Cloud can be requested. Our software engineers work on:

  • Performance SLAs definitions
  • Appropriate performance tests
  • Implementation of testing series
  • Analyzing results for agility

You can opt testing related to

  • Compliance testing
  • Managed software testing
  • Collective testing services
  • Outsource testing
  • Crowd source testing
  • Analytics testing

Client - Lab Lizard, Gemoro, Zydus, Unidev, PointRF, Efacec

2. Testlio

Company Overview

Testlio offers solutions for QA, quality business, and digital user experience, all at attractive financial value, to assist you in moving quickly while confirming the delivery outstanding digital products. Due to its cutting-edge research and development and ground-breaking advancements, Testlio have been able to successfully hold a substantial portion of the worldwide market for industrial automation ever since the company's founding in 2012. Testlio aids in ensuring exceptional client interactions when applications must operate flawlessly in any place using any gadget

Headquarters - Estonia, Texas, USA

Minimum Project Size - We handle all small and big projects. Check out our free webinars to understand more.

Average Hourly Rate - It is entirely dependent on the scale of the requirements for your task.

Company Size: 230+ full-time employee and 11k+ freelancers

Primary Services

Testlio provides below specialized services

  • Powerful operating QE, DX, QA
  • Burst handling testing
  • Crowd sourced test methodologies
  • Digitalized solutions

Client – Amazon, ADT, HBO, FOX, ROKU, SAP

We work with major brands from all over the world. Our clients are from below industries

  • Trade and Retail - Shop more carefully by using our testing
  • Bank and Finance- Ensure the security of banking services with detailed monitoring
  • Wellness and fitness- Increase wellbeing while accurately testing
  • Entertainment and Advertising - Bring high-quality material through exhaustive testing
  • Educating & Learning - Enhance learning with tailored encounters
  • Travel and mobility - Transform travel with thorough testing

3. QASource

Company Overview

From past twenty years, QASource has established itself as a market leader in the application testing industry by offering customers all over the world with best quality QA services. Customers who require completely tested software receive quality testing specialists and knowledge from this company, regardless of whether the work is performed nearshore or overseas. Their tried-and-true method involves intensive training, devoted teams, and streamlined communication procedures. This allows them to rapidly acquire new customers, thoroughly incorporate with their development teams, and significantly increase their output, quality, and speed.

Headquarters - Pleasanton, CA

Minimum Project Size - The size totally depends on the requirement of the project

Avg Hourly Rate - Minimum $150 - $522 or more

Company Size - 1000-2000+

Primary Services - QASource provides its services to a diverse group of customers, spanning from businesses backed by venture capital to organizations on the Fortune 500 list. Their services include

  • Web automation
  • Android and iOS apps automation
  • Windows and MacOS apps automation
  • API automation
  • Onshore and Offshore Testing
  • Performance testing
  • Salesforce testing
  • Blockchain testing

Client - Ebay, Facebook, Adobe, Looksmart,, Prudential, Salesforce, Mass mutual, Silkroad technology, Oracle, Ford

4. TestingXperts

Company Overview

TestingXperts is quite the most successful businesses in the automation testing industry. We provide you the value you've always desired by automating the testing procedure. They have established themselves as a reliable provider of high-quality Application Testing Services to customers in a diversity of industry sectors. TestingXperts are dedicated to providing testing services that are dependable as well as cost-effective. The company has its establishment all over the world and a staff of experienced testing professionals.

Headquarters - Belmont, UK

Minimum Project Size - They are able to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers dependent on the project.

Avg Hourly Rate - $30-50/hrs.

Company Size - 1000-4999

Primary Services

The testing services provided by TestingXperts can assist your company by offering below services

  • Functional Automation Testing
  • Testing of Mobile App
  • Test advisory
  • Artificial Intelligence Testing
  • Next gen RPA testing
  • Testing in Digital field
  • DevOps And Agile Testing
  • DevOps CI/CD Implementation
  • Application testing in DevOps
  • Reformation of enterprise DevOps
  • Specialized EAS testing

Client - Spotify, PVH, Flight Centre Travel Group, Veracode, Wolters Kluwer, JLL, ArisGlobal, Animal health, HP, Sagicor

5. Cigniti

Company Overview

Cigniti is recognized as the industry standard provider for activities pertaining to quality assurance and the testing of software on a worldwide scale. The company started in 1998, and since that time, it has extended its activities to a number of diverse locations all over the globe. They offer strategic quality engineering services to businesses, which assist those industries in implementing the quite effective digital transformation practices. We assist in accelerating the introduction of app which are protected by forecasting as well as preventing failures that were not projected.

Headquarters - Hyderabad-India, Singapore, Dubai-UAE, Sydney-Australia

Minimum Project Size - The size varies depending on the project

Avg Hourly Rate - $30-50/hrs.

Company Size - 4,000+

Primary Services

Cigniti assists worldwide businesses operating in a variety of businesses in consistently delivering services such as.

  • Digital Assurance
  • Test Advice-giving Services
  • Changes in Agile methods
  • Transformation of DevOps
  • QA Outsourcing
  • Establishments focused to performance engineering
  • Testing of Mobile app
  • Enterprise Application Assurance

Client - Pure Insurance, Southwest, Holland America Line, Trader Joes

6. Scnsoft

Company Overview

ScienceSoft has been providing software testing services for 33 years, during this time it has built up its testing experience. At Scnsoft, we have a staff of experienced testers who collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that the software products they create are of the greatest possible quality. It offers top-quality guarantee for the manufacturing of flawless products as well as the creation of software development procedures.

Headquarters - USA Dallas

Minimum Project Size - The Company offers services for the various small and larger business Furthermore to providing precise requirements, they also provide a concrete financial estimate.

Avg Hourly Rate - $60-150/hrs.

Company Size - 700+ Team of employees

Primary Services

  • Application testing services
  • Managed tech services
  • Testing security
  • CRM Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment testing
  • DevOps consulting Services
  • Healthcare application testing
  • Performance testing
  • Tests on e-commerce platforms
  • Tests to Ensure HIPAA adherence

Client - Ford Motor Company, Deloitte, eBay, Walmart, Heinz, Nestle, IBM, NASA JPL

7. Qualitest

Company Overview

Since its founding in 1997, Qualitest has become a business pioneer in provision of AI-enabled QA services. They create a values of quality collaboration all through your business, technological advances, and organizational environment using our smart, engineering-driven methods to digital assurance. This is done with a sharp emphasis on delivering an excellent customer journey and assuring accelerated release velocity. They are able to incorporate software products with workings of IT department in an easy and seamless manner.

Headquarters - Fairfield USA

Minimum Project Size - Let us know your project needs and we will work as per our best budget.

Avg Hourly Rate - $100 per hour

Company Size - 4,000 employees worldwide

Primary Services –

No matter what sector your firm operates, we have proper knowledge necessary to personalize an appropriate test solution for you with particular necessities and prerequisites. The services include

  • Test Automation
  • Testing the type of Cybersecurity
  • Testing with CX
  • Multilingual NLP Assurance
  • Testing of Mobile Applications and Websites
  • Point of Sale Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Service Integration Testing

Client - Microsoft, Albertsons, Stratus Technologies, Vodafone, Philips, Adidas, Multiplan, Fuji

8. Testrig Technologies

Company Overview

Testrig hires the best experts to provide value to their longer-term business partners. By making use of robotics and other services, we have come a long way as a foremost player in testing and Q&A domain. With a staff of more than 100 qualified software program engineers, we hope to serve more clients worldwide. We conduct workshops to solve the pain points related to automation and design. Our solutions are tested on different devices and operating systems before they come into the market. If you are searching for international experts in removing obstacles related to your business, we are ready to support you. Our experts are available and provide proven results.

Headquarters - India, UK, USA, Europe and Canada

Minimum Project Size - To discuss about the project and depending on your needs and budget, get in touch with our Testing experts.

Average Hourly Rate - As per the international scale of approved payments our hourly rates start from USD 50

Company Size - 150 + employees

Primary services for clients

We have several automation tools to influence the application activity for:

  • Mobile testing – Android OS/iOS
  • API Testing
  • Desktop App
  • Web, Beta testing
  • Content design
  • Functional journey
  • Localization
  • Local testing

Clients - Corecard, Upstock, Basket, Riskscreen, Timesuite, Spentra, Ribbon, Delphian Logic

9. CTG

Company Overview

CTG is a market leader in offering of IT solutions and services focused on digital transformation. We act as a facilitator for digital transformation in the client companies quickening the progress of their projects and the success of their desired technological and business goals with the speed and assurance that is required for today's rapidly changing world.

CTG's comprehensive and high-quality application Testing Services assist companies to harness automation technology in the most effective manner possible. These services range from evaluation and planning to test tools selection to training and assistance.

Headquarters - USA, Europe, France

Minimum Project Size - The minimum Project Size will be as per requirements and business of client.

Avg Hourly Rate - $150/hrs.

Company Size - 3,950+

Primary Services

Your digital transformation strategy will progress much further thanks to CTG's ability to optimize the effect of key technologies and methodologies. The following services that we provide assist businesses in guaranteeing that their software is completely functional, dependable, private, and user-friendly.

  • Digital transformation
  • Business Transformation
  • Data ops solutions
  • Automated testing services
  • Crowd sourced testing

Client - Fidea, Lenovo, M&T Bank, AXA

10. Kualitatem

Company Overview -

Originated in 2010, Kualitatem is a business-oriented, technology consulting firm which operates on a worldwide scale and offers independent QA software services. We work in partnership with industries all over the world to assist them in adopting the most cutting-edge technological strategies more rapidly and in transforming so that they can gain a competitive advantage in their business performance.

Headquarters - New York, United States

Minimum Project Size - More than 250 people contribute to Kualitatem's ability to fulfil the specifications of a variety of projects.

Avg Hourly Rate - $100-150/hrs.

Company Size - 101-250 employees

Primary Services

The Kualitatem services includes every stage of the testing lifecycle, with a particular emphasis on the following services:

  • Performance Testing
  • Test Management
  • Testing Frameworks
  • Cross Browser/OS Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Information Security Consultation
  • Functional Testing,
  • Risk Management
  • Blockchain, and Big Data

Client - Cucumber, Appium, IBM-Rational, Katalon, Git, Protractor, Jenkins, Docker, Sikuli

Bottom Line

As technology continues to advance, the importance of application testing will only continue to grow whether you are a start-up or a large business, you will want to keep an eye on these companies as they are expected to make waves in the industry in the coming years. These above ten best companies are at the forefront of the testing industry. With their cutting-edge solutions and dedication to innovation, they are sure to make a major impact on the industry.

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Organizations are required to do testing to eliminate bugs and damage to their reputation. The only way is to collaborate with a reliable top software testing companies with robustness services. This is because a software failure can derail daily operations and adversely impact business.

The process of creating a new software product is always thrilling, particularly when you get to see your ideas take shape and become a reality.

To handle growing testing requirements, organizations are prepared to source essential capabilities to vendors that can provide them with the skill and guidance they need.

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