Top 10 Software Testing Companies in USA & India


Organizations are required to do testing to eliminate bugs and damage to their reputation. The only way is to collaborate with a reliable top software testing companies with robustness services. This is because a software failure can derail daily operations and adversely impact business.

We speak about two topline service providers for testing with global connections. Aegis Softtech has been delivering solutions to clients in diverse sectors. With experienced and agile teams even UX improves with correct testing.

Top 10 Software Testing Companies List

1. Aegis Softtech

  • Company Overview

The company provides automated systems that have very rigorous testing capabilities. The team will improve the functionality of your organization's systems by using industry-standard procedures and the most recently available software versions. Throughout its existence, Aegis has been well-recognized as a reliable provider of best software testing services.

This is because the company does far more than just run tests. We get a high score on the test, and our performance, in general, is satisfactory. They adhere to the notion that the component of the product that can be used in the most realistic scenarios should be produced first.

  • Different Core Service

The services have a variety from app development frameworks to DevOps and enterprise mobility. You can ask for any of the 18 services which enhance BI, Data warehousing, Dynamic ERP, and Cloud.

An organization can opt for testing

1. Functionality

2. Automation

3. Performance

4. User-friendly

5. Accessibility

6. Compliance

  • Min. Project Size

The team works on large and small types of projects once we get clarity and the possibility for the project, it helps us to make a time frame to work. From a team of two or three developers to a single professional we cater to all requirements.

  • Avg. Hourly Rate

We can always discuss it depending on the project size.

  • No. of Employees


  • Location:

India, Australia, USA, and UK

  • Features

The firm offers

1. Tailored solutions for international customers.

2. They have successfully finished more than 5000 projects across a variety of sectors.

3. At this location, the software testing groups are made available on an ongoing basis for a variety of software testing services.

2. TestingXperts

  • Company Overview

TestingXperts based in London is and it is ISO-certified firm. It specializes in practical and non-practical testing. With an eye on next-gen know-how, the team works on new methodologies covering AI, robotics, digitization and mechanization. The team of developers has created business models for global clients. In the past few years, they have reduced the QA cycle to 80% to lower prices for an organization. The business has won awards it has a reputation for being a dependable services company in the field of software testing.

  • Different Core Service

Project-based engagement models form the core of services. It depends on the need of both managed and staffing/ T & M are also considered. This flexibility ensures that the team can adopt the right testing service.

  • Min. Project Size

The company handles full-fledged legacy systems to be transformed.

  • Avg. Hourly Rate


  • No. of Employees:


  • Location

UK, USA, India, Canada, and Europe.

  • Features

1. Once a project is undertaken, which are a complete assurance of the delivery within prescribed timelines. The firm offers a 360-degree solution for reliability, security as well as 100% software testing.

2. Both firms are established and function against the challenges of time zones that offers 24 x support.

3. Knowing about them will enable you to hire one for your organization.

3. Testrig Technologies

  • Company Overview

Testrig Technologies is well recognized as a leading contender in the field of software testing companies. They provide services such as testing software from beginning to end, testing using robotics, and mobile and web applications. It is a world-renowned company that is committed to delivering services of the highest possible standard. They develop and put into action quality assurance initiatives that provide long-term benefits to the business.

  • Different Core Service

Testrig QA experts offer proactive, transparent, and responsive services

They offer services like

  • Domain
  • TestOps
  • Test Center of Superiority
  • Performance testing
  • Automation
  • Min. Project Size

Testrig Technologies have 100+ employees to cater to the different project requirements

  • Avg. Hourly Rate


  • No. of Employees:


  • Location:

India | USA

  • Features

1. The team is trained experts with open test workshops and customer priority with consistent updates.

2. Their dealings are transparent, reliable trustworthy.

3. The efficient trial period for verification of its services.

4. A dynamic, scalable team of QAs.

5. Competitive pricing.

6. Effective communication.

7. The firm has expert practitioners for effective QA testing that offers improved customer service.

4. a1qa

  • Company Overview

The company offers a secure universal authentication portal to develop mobile apps to use as a login solution. With this platform, you don’t require to remember usernames and passwords and log in from different devices. This tool paces up new app testing of different versions and time acceleration to the industry.

  • Different Core Service

1. Documentation

2. Functional

3. SDK

4. Test automation

5. DevOps

6. General test

7. Software lifecycle

8. QA referring

9. Managed testing services

10. Ad-hoc testing

11. Dedicated QA teams

12. Pre-certification testing

13. Microservices testing

14. Comprehensive coverage

15. Examining the state of cyberspace

16. Evaluation of performance

17. The testing of the interface

18. Validation of the localization

19. Testing for regressive behavior

20. User Feedback

  • Project Size

They cater to all kinds of client requirements depending on the project

  • Hourly Rate


  • No. of Employees-


  • Location:


  • Features

1. The firm has completed 1000 projects.

2. Their testing specialists are dedicated as well as maintain each data confidential with high-level security.

3. All the services are of the best quality

4. Their employees define testing functionality and additional QA activities.

5. They report the test results, severity, reproduction paths, and suggestions for improvement.


  • Company Overview

They are aware of the challenges, objectives, and characteristics of your company, and their objective is to provide a solution for the audience in question. UTOR streamlines automate and expand the quality assurance (QA) process for software development and testing. It provides top-quality assurance for the production of perfect items and the construction of software growth methods.

  • Different Core Service

1. The use of automated testing.

2. Examining the level of infiltration

3. Examination of functionality

4. Evaluation of performance

5. Testing is done by hand

6. The testing of accessibility

  • Project Size

Depending on the project size small to large projects. The project needs to drive the possibility and duration of the project.

  • Hourly Rate

$25-49/ hr

  • No. of Employees-


  • Location:


  • Features

1. The company has 46 plus projects in its finished basket currently.

2. Their services aid in minimizing errors, wide coverage tests, and enhancing the pace of test execution. They have catered to established businesses and even startups with their services on different projects.

They set up a full-fledged QA process, identify critical issues within the software, minimize admin costs and enhance customer satisfaction with their software testing services.

6. QA Mentor

  • Company overview:

The firm started its operations in 2010, with headquarters in New York Application testing and mobile app testing are both covered by the QA mentor, creating all the services for the companies. The firm has successfully launched software products. The testing staff here are effective and comes with plenty of expertise. QA Mentor is the unchallenged business leader when there is software QA and high-quality results at modest prices.

  • Different Core Service

1. Design and Implementation of Manual Tests

2. Quality Assurance Strategy for Capabilities

3. Performance Analysis, Planning, and Improvement of Quality Assurance

4. Sourcing and Employment for Quality Assurance

5. QA Lab interoperability

6. Resources for testing on Android devices

7. Services for evaluating and testing security

8. Services for the Management of Test Data

  • Min. Project Size

The firm offers services for large and small companies' projects. They offer a definite budget in addition to clear specifications.

  • Avg. Hourly Rate


  • No. of Employees

200+ employees

  • Location

USA, London, France, Ukraine, Romania, and India.

  • Features

1. Flexible payments and service contracts

2. Handpicked dedicated team

3. Flexible use of resources

4. Customized QA solutions for each industry need

5. 24/7 support system

7. Qualitest

  • Company Overview

Qualitest was founded in 1997. Qualitest provides both unique and scalable business quality engineering services to various companies. These solutions safeguard your brand by showing its worth from beginning to finish. The company has more than 25 years of software testing experience and knowledge. They can smoothly integrate the software products with the operations of the IT department.

  • Different Core Service

1. reputable engineering services of a high standard

2. Test Automation

3. Evaluating How Well Something Works

4. Testing for Computer and Network Safety

5. ETL Testing (End-to-End Testing)

6. Testing Conducted by CX

7. Multimodal NLP Verification

  • Min Project size

It depends on the team works and the team works on major and small projects simultaneously.

  • Avg. Hourly Rate


  • No. of Employees

5001 to 10000 Employees

  • Location

Asia, Europe, and North America

  • Features

1. Business-driven Quality Engineering

2. Provides expert digital engineering solutions such as DevOps solutions, product engineering, AI & data analytics, digital EdTech, enterprise application engineering services, and more.

3. Qualitest assists businesses in the development of automation frameworks that are scalable, adaptable, accessible, and reproducible.

4. Unparalleled Quality Assurance.

8. ImpactQA

  • Company Overview

ImpactQA started its journey in 2011. They assist small and medium-sized industries (SMEs) in delivering digital transformation and technology services, which enables worldwide customers to remain competitive. It provides a comprehensive analysis, design, and development organization that can create smart and complicated solutions. They offer testing expertise that is unique in a range of industries, such as healthcare, e-learning, education, finance and insurance, media, e-commerce, logistical, estate development, and medical devices, research, among others.

  • Different core services

1. Testing of the ERP

2. Testing Done on the Cloud

3. IoT Testing and Evaluation

4. Testing on Mobile Applications

5. Automation of testing

6. Evaluation of Functionality

7. Evaluation of Performance

8. Examination of the Safety

  • Min. Project Size

The project size is for both large and small firm's requirement

  • Avg. Hourly Rate


  • No. of Employees

50 – 249 employees

  • Location

New York, London, India

  • Features

1. Best in the software testing Industry.

2. A Reliable Comprehensive Software Engineering Services

3. A higher level of knowledge of specific QA standards in diverse industries

4. 24x7 Availability of Cloud Infrastructure

5. Eliminate Upfront Investments

9. Testbytes

  • Company overview

Founded in 2013, TestBytes Company is a skilled and high-performing testing team that is entirely focused on testing and QA services. For the past few years, they have dealt with a huge array of software, situations, and problems, and have emerged all the time. They include software testing methodologies that provide quantitative outcomes. The company puts technology to work for its customers, which ultimately results in demonstrable economic value. In a nutshell, the firm lends a hand in the development of outstanding software programs.

  • Different core services

1. Mobile App Testing

2. Web App Testing

3. Game Testing

4. Automation Testing

5. Load Testing

6. Security Testing

7. Performance Testing

8. Browser compatibility

  • Min. Project Size

It constructs automation frameworks, templates, and repositories as per the client’s demand

  • Avg. Hourly Rate


  • No. of Employees

51-250 Employees

  • Location

India, USA

  • Features

1. Testers with years of experience

2. A significant internet testing community dedicated to beta testing.

3. Strong protection for the data.

4. Economical arrangements.

5. Detailed accounts are provided.

6. Devoted professionals in the field of communication.

10. QA Madness

  • Company Overview

QA Madness is an information technology service provider that places a significant emphasis on quality assurance and cyber security. It was started in the year 2013. Businesses can count on QA Madness to be one of the most reliable providers of quality assurance and testing services in the industry. It ensures high levels of efficiency in quality control by protecting the confidentiality of client information and maintaining its physical security. Businesses located all around the globe may take use of QA Madness' testing services.

  • Different Core Service

1. Functional Testing

2. GUI Testing

3. Regression Testing

4. Acceptance Testing

5. End-to-End Testing

6. Compatibility Testing

7. Ad-hoc Testing

8. Magento Test Suite

9. Load Testing

10. API Testing

11. Integration Testing

12. Non-functional Testing

13. Cloud Solutions Testing

14. Localization testing

  • Min. Project Size

The project size depends on the client’s requirement

  • Avg. Hourly Rate


  • No. of Employees

51 to 200 Employees

  • Location

Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Features

1. Within twenty-four hours, the powerful testing team will begin testing your project, regardless of its level of complexity.

2. The team works with a variety of industries, including e-commerce and retail, as well as healthcare, logistics, procuring, the media, and banking.

3. developed operational methods that are not only reliable but also beneficial


  • Company Overview

TestCrew is a global software testing company dedicated to digital quality engineering services and quality assurance consultancy. With over a decade of accumulated expertise, they offer innovative testing solutions and premium products designed to overcome the most challenging business obstacles.

TestCrew rose to prominence as a top-tier provider of confidence. So that they ensure you not only get a flawless system or product but also one that is robust, and functions precisely as intended.

Relying on its very own innovative testing approaches, TestCrew earned a global reputation as a global partner to ISTQB and Atlassian, LambdaTest, and Dynatrace.

  • Core services

TestCrew provides end-to-end testing solutions:

1. Quality engineering

2. Automation engineering

3. Performance engineering

4. Security

5. QA consulting

6. Next-Gen Testing

  • Locations:

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, United States, United Kingdom, India

  • Features:

1. Customer-centric solutions innovatively crafted to meet specific business requirements.

2. Global partnership with the world’s leading testing tools and organizations.

3. End-to-end testing solutions ensuring a seamless testing lifecycle.

4. Uncompromising commitment to the highest quality standards with a keen eye for precision.

5. Leveraging diverse industry knowledge to address unique testing challenges.

6. Providing state-of-the-art testing environments for optimal testing outcomes.

7. A large pool of ISTQB-certified software testers and quality assurance engineers.


The software testing services provided by each of the mentioned firms are of the highest quality. Each and every one of these provides an in-depth study of the needs of the customer as well as solutions that are appropriate and economical. They are a partner in quality assurance that is forward-thinking, efficient, and dependable. The breadth and depth of their knowledge in Software Testing may bring about significant improvements in the overall quality of the products you sell. So get connected to the right company now!

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In today's technologically driven corporate environment, the software may be found everywhere. We are seeing the significant advantages in several ways, with the most notable being the influence on enhancing operational effectiveness. Despite the fundamental necessity of software, we tend to overlook the relevance of monitoring. We anticipate that the program would perform smoothly after it has been integrated. But when it does not, we're typically taken a back and angered by the situation. Taking a pre-emptive strategy to software testing and including it as one of the first, essential elements in the deployment procedure will be critical in determining the effectiveness and efficacy of the product.

To handle growing testing requirements, organizations are prepared to source essential capabilities to vendors that can provide them with the skill and guidance they need.

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