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Elevate Cloud Game with Oracle Cloud Solutions by Aegis

A Commitment to Delivering Measurable Results

Aegis Softtech's Oracle Cloud infrastructure consulting accelerates projects by unifying cloud services and specialized SaaS on a global platform. We provide Oracle Cloud solutions for diverse computing choices, dependable storage, rapid networking, AI-powered analytics, and strong security. Continuous development empowers employees to focus on impactful and productive tasks.

Empowered Clients

With Oracle Cloud service provider, you can transform applications, elevate industry services, and streamline technology. In the contemporary landscape with digital domination, the imperative for cutting-edge technology is non-negotiable. Oracle's recent earnings report highlights strong performance in the cloud sector. Despite a slightly lower-than-expected Q1 2024, overall revenue increased by 9% YoY. Oracle’s cloud services and license support saw a notable 13% YoY growth, and the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) segment surged by 66% YoY. The company showcased transformative innovations in Generative AI at Oracle Cloud World 2023, emphasizing its leadership in distributed cloud and introducing key multi-cloud capabilities.

Oracle Cloud Consulting Services

Boost business agility and achieve robust outcomes

Aegis, as a premier Oracle Cloud consulting services partner, consistently sought after by industry leaders for the exemplary practices. With an extensive knowledge base and a track record of successfully executing numerous cloud transitions.

Explore the advantages of Oracle Cloud

Optimized Costs and Flexibility

Optimized Costs and Flexibility

Oracle brings about cost savings in hardware while enhancing business flexibility, providing enduring efficiency for both short-term needs and long-term goals.

Automated Performance Boost

Automated Performance Boost

Leveraging automation, Oracle ensures streamlined operations and performance, enabling businesses to operate at an accelerated pace and scale effortlessly to meet dynamic demands.

Simplified and Future-Ready Solutions

Simplified and Future-Ready Solutions

Working with Oracle is straightforward and worry-free, offering a forward-looking solution to seamlessly transition your legacy workload to contemporary platforms.

Scalability across the Board

Scalability across the Board

Oracle delivers scalable infrastructure, robust development capabilities, and versatile hardware and software options, effectively supporting the diverse needs of your business.

Efficient Application Transition

Efficient Application Transition

Oracle streamlines the migration process for applications like ERP, analytics software, and existing architecture, facilitating a smooth transition to the cloud.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Consulting

Aegis Support for your Oracle Journey

At Aegis Softtech, we provide expert, full lifecycle support for Oracle Products. With Oracle Cloud infrastructure consulting, we help modernize your platforms and offer essential support to overcome any challenges you may face.

Discover Our Oracle Cloud Capabilities

Oracle Workload Migration

Aegis, your Oracle Cloud service provider, accelerates corporate excellence with seamless Oracle workload migration. Our expertise minimizes costs, maximizing productivity. Trust us to transform your custom applications with autonomous databases, ensuring continuous modernization. Partner with us to elevate operational efficiency, leveraging Oracle Cloud for ISV and SaaS applications.

Application Development

Experience continuous modernization through cloud-native application development, efficient low-code, and API-based solutions. Elevate your applications with seamless AI integration, leveraging Oracle Analytics Cloud for self-service data analytics and prebuilt AI services. Innovate effortlessly with Aegis Softtech, empowering your business to build and thrive in the cloud era.

Data Migration

Experience our expertise in optimizing data and database migration, ensuring automated security and efficiency. Unlock advanced insights through collaborative data science service and Oracle's API-driven machine learning solutions. Elevate your capabilities with specialized counsel on transitioning to the Autonomous Database.

Distributed Cloud

We empower you to meet your goals through a distributed cloud approach. Choose flexibility with OCI's diverse strategies, including hybrid cloud, multi-cloud capabilities, and global deployment options. We streamline workloads with Oracle Cloud infrastructure for your specific needs.

Data Governance

Benefit from built-in cloud infrastructure security, featuring default data encryption and cost-effective security measures, including the no-cost Oracle Cloud Guard service. Aegis guarantees adherence to the most stringent regulatory compliance standards, with OCI's extensive coverage across global, regional, and industry-specific compliance programs.

We Provide Services and Solutions for Oracle Cloud Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Oracle Cloud Solutions for Different Industries

Optimize Oracle Cloud with our Deep Expertise

Proficient in Oracle Cloud solutions, Aegis provides strategic and operational guidance for various industry sectors. We actively collaborate with clients to shape and attain their objectives. Embrace the power of Oracle Cloud infrastructure consulting and unlock a world of possibilities for your organization. We ensure successful realization of business outcomes through our Oracle Cloud consulting services capabilities.

Industries We Cater

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Innovate and meet regulations, bringing modern financial services to millions.

Upgrade old apps for better insights, creating a secure environment for improved care.

Support the entire clinical development process on one cloud platform.

Innovate and grow with cloud-based apps and enterprise workloads on OCI.

We build value chains that are resilient on reliable infrastructure.

Upgrade IT and improve customer experiences with data-driven offerings.

Secure the tactical edge for actionable intelligence with OCI.

Aegis: The Oracle Cloud Service Provider

Meeting client's specific needs with solutions

Aegis Softtech leads as an Oracle Cloud service provider with seasoned professionals. Expert insights to guide your organization toward the pinnacle of its digital evolution. Migrate, implement, and integrate Oracle Cloud technologies with us.

Engagement Models of our Oracle Cloud Consulting Services

Fixed Price

A set cost for specific services.


Pay is based on the hours of service rendered.

Dedicated Model

Exclusive, ongoing support for a consistent, agreed-upon fee.

Reap benefits with Top Oracle Cloud Service Provider

  • Reduce the migration efforts and increase the cost savings.
  • Expertise in OCI, ERP, HCM, and CX technologies.
  • Extensive delivery engagements.
  • In-depth knowledge across industries.
  • Adheres to Oracle’s Unified Methodology.
  • Close collaboration with product development teams for effective SaaS application implementation.
Reap Benefits with Top Oracle

Aegis Approach

Aegis Approach
  • Initial Assessments

    We analyze your Oracle systems, evaluate if they're ready for the Oracle Cloud, and provide a report with suggestions for leveraging technology to improve your business.
  • Assess Sites, Finances, and References

    Execute app plans, ensure stability, and offer SLA-backed support. Get a detailed proposal covering costs, timelines, and support for a smooth cloud transition.
  • Identify Gaps, Discuss Plans, and Prioritize Needs

    Our team guides you in smoothly shifting to the cloud, ensuring your project aligns with business goals.
  • Shift Oracle Apps from On-Premises to Oracle IaaS

    If you're on AWS Cloud or another, we facilitate a seamless transition to Oracle IaaS for enhanced performance.
  • Assist During UAT and Post-Migration

    Ensure Uninterrupted Operations With Support For Your Cloud Infrastructure.
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