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ASP.NET Development

Create apt business solutions that work to your advantage! ASP.NET makes web development better with its quick coding ability to build compelling applications appropriate for your business and the users. Let us help you with custom .NET development to build advanced web solutions now.

Empowered Clients

Enrich Your Web Applications with .NET Web Development

ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft to create web applications with the .NET framework. ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages.NET which is one of the simplest frameworks to build for .NET web development using Visual Studio. Ever since its introduction, ASP.NET quickly scaled up the popularity ladder due to the ease of coding it offers to the software developers. We have been offering .NET development services for over 12 years now and we have some of the best Microsoft certified developers working on the .NET development projects. ASP.NET offers so many benefits that improve the development cycle and the end results.

Superior ASP.NET Web Development Services
ASP.NET web development
Fewer Lines of Coding

Fewer Lines of Coding

Efficient coding that requires minimal lines compared to many others.

Adaptive to Mobile Platforms

Adaptive to Mobile Platforms

Instead of new codes, reuse the same code for all mobile platforms.

Diverse Languages

Diverse Languages

Allows scripting in the languages of C#, J# and VB.

Quick Execution Time

Quick Execution Time

Processing of the code on the Windows server and hence, quicker execution.

Regular Monitoring

Regular Monitoring

Web server monitors the application pages and resolves unauthorized uses.

Flexibility of Operations

Flexibility of Operations

Source code is executed on the server to allow for flexibility of running webpages.

Sync to Cloud

Sync to Cloud

Quick sync, access and control to the cloud data any time.

ML and IoT

ML and IoT

Deploy Machine Learning and IoT algorithms with easy deployments.

Cost Effective ASP .Net Consulting Services

Offering customized solutions curated by qualified professionals with tremendous understanding of the IT processes.

Aegis - The Esteemed ASP.NET Development Company in Australia

Aegis is one of the most trusted and experienced .NET development company in Australia. We work out of India and have a major client base in Australia. Many Australian companies from industries like Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Telecommunication and Consumer Goods outsource .NET development services from us. What makes us different is our approach to the project and the combination of expertise we bring to the table. We don’t have a pre-defined system of approach we apply to every project but instead, have a set of detailed processes that let us do our job like no other.

Customized Application Solutions

The Approach to Our Custom .NET Development

We are able to build robust and highly efficient applications as we concentrate on the core need for the application. We understand the basic necessity of the application and the gap it fills in the industry. This gives us enough idea about user expectations and prepares us to develop an impressive application that brings amazing solutions to our clients. Our set of basic checks before we enter the software development cycle are as follows:

  • Background research on the industry and the current trends
  • Market necessities for the application and the competition’s solutions
  • Strategizing to deliver better solutions than the existing ones in the market
  • Brainstorming with our clients to bring good ROI with as minimal resources as possible

Making Advanced .NET Applications Possible

Microsoft developed ASP.NET to build enterprise-level applications that can be hosted on any Windows server no matter the power and the consumption of the technologies. Dynamic web pages were made possible due to the introduction of ASP.NET and since then, it has proven to be one of the most effective frameworks for the development of advanced applications. Our .NET developers have worked on several complex projects involving:

  • Enterprise websites with admin support and hundreds of portals with centralized systems
  • Technologies like machine learning, data analytics and Internet of Things
  • CRM platforms with complex data management tools
  • Windows Azure, Windows GUI, Windows Console, Windows Smart Client apps and many more.
Enterprise-Grade Applications

We deliver ASP .Net services across

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Brisbane

  • Perth

  • Adelaide

  • Gold Coast

  • Newcastle

  • Canberra

  • Cairns

  • Darwin

  • Hobart

  • Byron Bay

  • Geelong

Extensive ASP.NET Development Services - Getting All Your Needs Covered

From the simplest of single-page web applications to the most complex, challenging applications that involve numerous technologies, ASP.NET has the capability to build applications of any scale. Irrespective of any application, we always strive to make the application feature-rich and user-friendly, something which we concentrate on all the projects we take up. We are the go-to .NET development company for many of our clients in Australia due to our wide expertise and the broad category of ASP.NET development services we cater to any needs in ASP.NET applications.

ASP.NET Web Development

ASP.NET Web Development

Our expertise in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core help in building high performing web applications for numerous purposes.

ASP.NET Cloud Integration

ASP.NET Cloud Integration

With the flexibility that comes with ASP.NET, you can use a private or public cloud for data access in integration with .NET applications.

ASP.NET Mobile Development

ASP.NET Mobile Development

Develop Windows apps with a great UI/UX that simplifies and delivers mobile solutions with a dearth of customizations.



Add security, scalability and stability to your .NET applications with the customized APIs developed by our talented developers.

Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate and better the usability of the .NET apps with customized control settings that improve the user experience.

ASP.NET Re-Engineering

ASP.NET Re-Engineering

Let us come to the aid in solving the challenges of the existing ASP.NET applications and ensuring its quick restoration.

Cutting-Edge Solutions from .NET Development

Cutting-Edge Solutions from .NET Development

We are known for our versatility in developing .NET applications with any language needed. We have worked with ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, JQuery and SQL Server during our development of ASP.NET applications. We stop at nothing to deliver cutting-edge results with a futuristic view by including the latest software technologies. We have a high satisfaction rate from our clients due to our high productivity contributed by the talented and self-motivated team.

Complete Support for ASP.NET Applications

Apart from the developmental services we offer for ASP.NET, we also extend our services to several other additional purposes. We don’t stop at just the development because the application only stays current and healthy until a new update of OS or technology comes out. We need to be on our feet revising and updating the .NET applications to ensure its relevancy to the current needs of the users and the adaptability to the systems.

ASP.NET Consultations

Sometimes, a bit of motivation or a spark on an idea could result in an amazing solution. You can schedule consultation sessions with our ASP.NET experts to get guidance and support on anything related to the development and running of .NET applications.

ASP.NET Application Customizations

Want to tweak an existing ASP.NET application? We are here to help you out. We can make any modifications and additions to an existing .NET application with minimal disruption. Our developers will work according to the Australian timezones and keep you regularly updated.

ASP.NET Migration

We can facilitate the migration of applications from ASP to ASP.NET and MVC, VB.NET to C# and vice versa, ASP.NET to Java, JavaScript, MVC and Node.Js and many other such similar migrations with ease smoothly with the least transition time.

ASP.NET Support and Maintenance

We also extend our services to regular maintenance checks and 24X7 support services on any issues or queries related to the ASP.NET applications.Partner with the best ASP.NET development company and keep tight and efficient operations of your .NET applications now.

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