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Java Application Development

When you need strong, reliable and scalable Java applications, then you must hire skilled Java developers who have a holistic knowledge of Java and its integrated tools. Aegis Softtech is one of the pioneers in Java software development having worked, with numerous startups, SMBs, and major corporations in Australia.

Empowered Clients

The Multi-Faceted Features of Java Software Development

Java is one of the first few programming languages that has helped the world of software development to progress to this state. Though developed in 1995, it is still reigning as one of the most preferred languages by developers and clients due to a host of benefits it brings. We have some of the most accomplished and talented developers for Java application development. We have built various applications for many companies in Australia from the fields of banking, e-commerce, aerospace, medicine, marketing, consumer products, agriculture, manufacturing and many more. Many prefer Offshore Java Development over other programming languages because of the inherent features it possesses like:



With Java, you can write the code in one place and can be ported and run or reused on different platforms.



Java can manage multiple users or threads at the same time, thereby boosting the speed of operations.

Fast Execution

Fast Execution

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) makes it simpler to quickly execute the software in a short time.

Rich APIs

Rich APIs

Java has various APIs that can be used for I/O, parsing, database connections, utilities, etc.

Interactive Objects

Interactive Objects

The objects in Java have interactive modules that can be used between programs without additional coding.

Productive IDEs

Productive IDEs

Java has many IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse and other similar tools to minimize the working time.

We deliver Java services across

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Brisbane

  • Perth

  • Adelaide

  • Gold Coast

  • Newcastle

  • Canberra

  • Cairns

  • Darwin

  • Hobart

  • Byron Bay

  • Geelong

What Makes Us the Best Java Development Company in Australia?

Did you know that having great coding skills in Java is not the only thing that makes a great Java developer? A Java developer should also have a working knowledge of the toolkits, APIs, databases and other additional programming languages that may be used to create a wholesome application. At Aegis Softtech, we have more than 10 years of experience in Java application development partnering with companies from Australia. We know what it takes a build a user-friendly, intuitive and futuristic Java application that works in favor of the business.

Great Value on ROI

Aegis Java Software Development Company focuses on providing high ROI. Since we work out of India, our operational costs are lesser when converted to Australian dollars which are a great boon for all.

Agile Working

Agile methodology is a great system for software development which works great for both us and our clients to reduce the development time, the cost to the company and the unnecessary mistakes.

Flexible Working Hours

When you outsource Java development to us, we will work in the Australian timezone, same as your in-house employees, and keep you updated about the project progress at every stage regularly.

Simple, Scalable and Systematic

Our approach to Java web development is streamlined to avoid any confusions. We come up with solutions for the Java application that are simple and scalable and yet has a bunch of attractive features.

Comprehensive Java Development Services

We offer Java development for mobile, desktop and web applications. Java can integrate with various technologies that open possibilities for numerous innovations. Whenever there is a problem for which you want a software-based solution, we can partner together, brainstorm and come up with intelligent Java solutions by combining your industry knowledge and our Java/J2EE expertise. You can outsource Java development to our programmers when you are faced with a complex challenge. We love to work with your ground team to come up with solutions that make a whole lot of difference!

Java Web Development

We keep ourselves updated with the latest versions of Java and other associated new technologies, which helps us to develop trendy and scalable web applications.

Java Mobile Development

Since Java applications are independent of the OS, you can use our Java mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows without the need for individual developments.

Java Integration

We can integrate your new or existing Java applications with databases and tools like Oracle, NoSQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, Kafka, etc.

Java Migration

Have your application on another platform? Well, we can migrate it effortlessly to Java and also help in modifying the features if needed.

Java Re-Engineering

If you an outdated application, let us restore it and make it current. We can work on existing applications and revise and make it new.

Java Support and Maintenance

Apart from the other services, we also offer monthly maintenance and support services to check up on the app and keep it updated and healthy.

Building Superior Java Applications Is Just a Phone Call Away!

Are you maxed out on solving any particular business challenge? Well, we are here to offer assistance with our software expertise. Having solved many problems and technological hurdles of various Australian companies, we are the most suited company for similar issues. Call us now to discuss potential solutions.

Cost Effective Java Consulting Services

Delivering solutions that are exclusive & customize developed by qualified professionals with proven IT process.

Best Features of Our Offshore Java Development Process

The most common denominator for companies looking for Java services, or for that matter any software services, is the need for a solution that excels and uplifts their business in the industry. We understand how much a software solution can transform the way your business operates or how the services are offered to the customers. It is why we put in hours of research to understand the base of your business and your intentions supported by our Java expertise to deliver the expected solutions you have in mind. In every service we offer, there are certain deliverables, processes and features that you can expect.

Consult • Design • Engineer • Operate • Optimize

Java Desktop App Development

  • Development in the latest version of Java i.e. JDK 13
  • Leveraging the web 2.0 scalable internet systems for electronic forms of industry solutions
  • Application design and development on J2EE framework

Java Mobile App Development

  • Cross-platform Java mobile app development
  • Roll out updates based on the new OS versions
  • Create and export Java modules
  • Re-engineering on existing applications

Java Architecture Development

  • Research and create the plan
  • Create the roadmap for development
  • Analyze and include the existing technologies
  • Estimate the time, cost and resources needed

Java Testing

  • Use tools like JTest, JUnit, JWalk, Mockito and other relevant kits
  • Load testing, performance testing, UI/UX testing and many more
  • Run regular checkups and updates

Java Migration

  • Migration of legacy application to Java
  • Migrate a part of an application to Java
  • Backup the data before migration
  • Assess and report the status of migration

Java Integration

  • Integrating Java with databases
  • Integration with big data platforms
  • Migration to clouds of Google, Amazon and Microsoft

Java Framework Selection

  • Choose Java frameworks like Spring MVC, Struts2, Hibernate, etc.
  • Migrate or build the Java application from scratch
  • Follow the high standards of Java development

Java APIs

  • Build new APIs based on the requirements
  • Customize and interface APIs
  • Build GUI components
  • Include APIs like SOAP, JSON, REST, etc.

Our Expertise in Java Software Development

Excellence in everything we do.

Java, as a programming language, works the best with the help of frameworks, APIs, toolkits, databases and other such integrations to efficiently build Java applications in the shortest time. Our Java/J2EE developers have wide knowledge working on numerous projects that needed the use of such integrations, frameworks and technologies to make the application highly functional. Here are some of the top expertise of our developers that is integral to any offshore java development process.

Core Frameworks

Core Frameworks

  • EJB
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Grails
  • Seam
  • Tapestry
  • Wicket
  • Weld
  • Play
  • NetBeans
  • Eclipse
Apache Foundation

Apache Foundation

  • Lucene
  • Hadoop
  • Velocity
  • Jackrabbit
  • Struts Lucene


  • Liferay
  • Alfresco
  • OpenCMS
  • Documentum
  • FileNet
  • Magnolia CMS
  • Day CRX
  • EJB
  • Spring
  • Hibernate


  • Swing
  • SWT
  • JavaFX
  • Java 2D
  • Java 3D
  • PrintService
  • Sound API


  • GlassFish
  • WebLogic
  • WebSphere
  • JBoss
  • Tomcat
  • Geronimo

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have a lot of questions in your mind about Java app development and how our Java developers work at Aegis Softtech. So here are the answers to a few of your questions.

When you outsource, you get the best of everything – the best Java experts, best resources, and best costs. You don’t need to invest in any infrastructure or buy any resources. Our Java developers will become a part of your team and work alongside your employees. You get the expected output at very minimum cost and with no responsibilities of employee maintenance!

If you outsource your Java development needs, you will only need to pay for the service you require. At Aegis, you can choose between paying per hour or paying per project. To know more about the affordable costs offered at Aegis, contact us now.

Yes, you can hire the required Java developers you need who will work on the required timings and will always be available whenever a need arises. They will also monitor, test, and tune the application to maintain steady performance.

Of course. We value our clients above anything, and therefore, will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We will make sure that your business information and intellectual rights not compromised from our end.

Yes, we do. We will review the status of the project, your business needs and will work on it to provide you with a functional and ready-to-market product.

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