How Much will AI Software Cost in 2024?

Businesses will need to invest in artificial intelligence by 2024 if they want to stay ahead of the competition. By utilizing AI-powered solutions, businesses may boost client experiences, increase operational effectiveness, and spur revenue development.

You must decide if you want an off-the-shelf or custom artificial intelligence solution. Creating the artificial intelligence from the ground up and teaching it to accomplish your goals would be a personalized solution. Conversely, off-the-shelf artificial intelligence consists of a prepackaged set of algorithms designed to carry out a certain task. These might be included in your company’s operations and tailored appropriately.

Every artificial intelligence solution must satisfy the demands and requirements of the AI solution companies. The entire process, from conception to implementation, requires time and work. For example, complex ERP software settings might take many months to finish. Because of this, developing bespoke artificial intelligence may easily cost anything from $5,000 to $150,000.

Conversely, prepackaged artificial intelligence solutions are similar to packaged goods in that they need little to no work to utilize. For example, businesses may employ pre-built chatbots like Hubspot, DRIFT, or TARS. These chatbots may be purchased for $500 or $99 a month.

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What Is The Price Of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence may be purchased for as little as $900 to as much as $300,000. However, this is only an approximation. Only after assessing the needs and resources used the final cost can be calculated.

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  • Cost Breakdown for artificial intelligence Development
  • Customized or Pre-made $5000–$300,000
  • Development of Prototypes Begins at $25,000.
  • Cost of Software: $30,000–$50,000
  • Maintenance  $60,000 annually

Rate for custom built

REMEMBER: The price shown is an approximate estimate based on the survey results from Artificial Intelligence Software Development Cost 2024. To obtain a detailed description of the needs for your project, speak with an expert.

Furthermore, The price of AI development services is determined by several factors. Let’s go over them in more depth.

Top 5 factors behind Artificial Ontelligence cost

When considering how much it will cost to build software for your company, there are several factors to consider. To begin with, there are several varieties of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is widely utilized and simple to construct. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. Depending on where your project falls on this spectrum, the price will change.

Therefore, you must first set your project in the appropriate category before requesting the cost of AI development. The following variables will affect how much your project cost.

AI Software Type

AI is a catch-all word for a variety of Artificial Intelligence programs, each with a distinct set of functions and intended results. As an example, one Business can require both an AI analytic system and a chatbot. This technology may be familiar to you from AI tools such as paraphrasing and content generators. Both have varying costs since they demand distinct resources and development procedures.

Therefore, the types of artificial intelligence may be roughly classified into three classes depending on the most prevalent use cases in business:

(1) Technology-based AI and Capability-based AI

It contains programs built on a range of platforms. Among the most well-known examples are robotic process automation, data science, computer vision, and speech recognition. A contact center or a hospital are only two of the businesses that may leverage this technology.

(2) Artificial Intelligence- Based on Functionality

As the name implies, the functions these solutions carry out determine their classification. A few Reactive machines, restricted memory, theory of mind, and self-awareness are some of its varieties.

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(3) Artificial Intelligence- Based on Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence software gradually develops an identity based on its capabilities or distinctive features after its functioning is established. The following are a few popular capability-based programs:

(4) Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI):

Examples include self-driving cars, facial recognition, Siri, and so on. Examples of artificial general intelligence (AGI) include GPT, music AIs, ROSS intelligence system, and others.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) is the term for hypothetical, highly intelligent computers that are still in the research and development stage.


Task Requirements for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence software is tailored to meet the unique needs of the organization. The prerequisites may change depending on the level. The following elements must be taken into account by any company or organization wishing to incorporate this technology in order to ascertain the job needs of the artificial intelligence. This will contribute to the estimation of AI development costs. This technology may be familiar to you from AI products such as content generators and paraphrasing tools.

  • The degree of intelligence that your artificial intelligence is supposed to reach.
  • The type, quantity, and quality of the data—whether organized or unstructured—that you will be providing to the AI.
  • The lowest degree of precision that you want the algorithm to provide.

The intricacy of the undertaking. In comparison to more complicated artificial intelligence software, simpler AI, such as chatbots, requires less sophisticated infrastructure. The technical framework that the company offers—which includes a cloud-based backend, extra APIs, a cloud dashboard, a voice assistant, streaming tools, etc.—will determine how reliable these software are.

Any chance of expanding the software’s the future, which will bring with it more difficulties and development expenses.

Together, these elements will specify the tasks that your program must perform and assist developers in identifying the technology and workflow required to create it.

AI Functions

The properties of solutions set them apart. It could be necessary for you to include certain elements and exclude others to complete the work. For example, you will need to incorporate natural language processing if your project involves text generation or question answering. In a similar vein, machine learning and deep learning are related. Similarly, you could wish to incorporate picture or speech recognition capabilities into your artificial intelligence.

Whichever characteristic it is, it will ultimately affect the cost of developing artificial intelligence. That is as using artificial intelligence to analyze data with high accuracy requires the method to have qualities that the industry has deemed reliable. And the total pricing includes these things.

Hardware Prices

Hardware expenses will apply whether you are developing software yourself or purchasing it from a different business. Typically, the AI software development solutions offered by a contracted organization such as do not cover this expense. as they exclusively deal with the software development component. But, for artificial intelligence algorithms to process and evaluate data, electricity must be available. It processes massive amounts of data, necessitating a specialized and sophisticated infrastructure to support the operation. Thus, in addition to the creation of AI software, your company will need to spend money on hardware.

There are two hardware options available for artificial intelligence: cloud-based hardware or hardware that is located on-site. The former uses GPUs for compute and neural network training, application-specific integrated chips (ASICs) for high performance, and TPUs for workload acceleration. These hardware items are all pricey and demand significant financial outlays.

Some on-premises hardware may be more expensive than cloud-based backend and dashboard technology. You can only find out which is best for your business from an expert.

Human Resources

Not only does technology increase the overall cost, but so does the work required to put it into practice. The cost of an AI development team might reach $320,000 annually, even for a tiny organization.

Any group working on development will contain a large number of significant positions. For instance, the team’s overall makeup consists of a project manager, software developers, machine learning engineers, data scientists, and artificial intelligence developers. Each member has a different price depending on their experience and ability level. And the price will change according to the team members that are allocated to work on your project.


An in-house team or an outside team can manage a program. An outsourced team saves money by doing away with internal expenses like member wages, even though an in-house team could be more expensive.

Building an artificial intelligence is one thing, but keeping it up to date is quite another. Although the algorithm may initially be trained to do calculations and handle data, it will need regular upgrades and upkeep from the group to guarantee that an  advances in line with the shifting needs of the enterprise. Consequently, there is optimal efficiency and performance.

Project Length

Ultimately, the time it takes to develop your software will determine how much artificial intelligence development will cost. The length of time will depend on every aspect covered above. For example, developing an artificial intelligence from scratch will be less expensive and take less time than creating an MVP version.

Extended timelines will need more time and effort from the team members, whether you are hiring an internal team or outsourcing, which will increase the overall cost.


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