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Want to Offer a Flawless Experience to the End User?

Partner With Our Functional Testing Consultants!

Aegis Softtech has a team of testing experts who have spent thousands of hours testing various functions of apps and software developed for regional, national and global audiences. We will not only develop a high-end app for your business but will also make sure that it creates the impact that is meant to create. A trusted functional testing company, Aegis is here to help you offer the best experience to your audience via fully functional software or application.

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All that you Need to Know About Functional Testing Solutions!

Functional testing is a type of testing via which the testers review all the functions of an application or software. Quality analysts test every feature of the app or software to ensure that it functions as per the predetermined requirements. Every function of the app or software is reviewed to check whether the performance is as per the end user's expectations or not. Mostly, the testers don’t have much information about the internal system logic. All they do is, check the features of the product and determine if it is functioning in the best way possible or not.

We Deliver Functional Testing Services Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

We Assure you that Your End-users Enjoy Ultimate Fulfillment!

Aegis Softtech offers end-to-end functional testing services to clients globally. Our in-house team of testing experts performs a comprehensive professional assessment of your digital product.

Listed Below are the Functional Testing Services that We Offer


Integration Testing

Our testers review whether all the functions of the software or applications modules perform as required when combined. We assess the functioning of the interface between the units or modules. Integration testing helps to assess the behavior of the app or software as a combined unit.


Regression Testing

Applications and software are updated constantly. Testers at Aegis Softtech, a reliable functional testing company, perform regression tests to make sure that the features function properly even after the codes or programs are modified.


Interface Testing

Our testers test the user interface's functionality. Interface testing enables the users to determine whether the interface performs all the intended functions or not.


Smoke Testing

Key features of any app or software are very important. Smoke testing is performed to test whether the main features of the app or software are running smoothly, as expected.


User Acceptance Testing

We can test your applications and software as per the requirements of the end user. User acceptance Software testing services are performed to make sure that the product is capable of handling tasks on a real-time basis.


Unit Testing

An app or software may have many units. Unit testing is all about testing the different parts of the product before releasing it to the end user.

Leverage the expertise and experience of our functional testing consultants to make sure that your product is developed as per the pre-decided requirements.

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