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AI Solutions Company

Let us be the breakthrough that your business needs! Our AI consulting services transform your business making it more efficient, smarter, and profitable. Partner together with the best AI company India and Singapore to lead the innovations in your industry.

Empowered Clients

Our AI Software Solutions Across Industries

Artificial Intelligence is no more a theory that we take up and forget. AI automation services have already begun transforming organizations from around the world. Right from identifying security threats to controlling actual bots, AI has its foot across every industry we can name.

Aegis Softtech is a renowned AI solutions company pioneered in creating smart solutions with AI machine learning development. We are one of the best AI software services providers having worked with various companies from across the globe from different domains. A peek into some of the Artificial Intelligence services and solutions we have developed over the years:

Machine Learning

Customer Support: Bots, Voice Interfaces...

To minimize the time taken for resolving the customer issue and reduce the workforce, we have built bots to engage in customer conversations. We, as AI consultants India, also offer developing voice user interfaces to help customers to easily interact.

Deep Learning

Retail: Demand Planning, Logistics, AR/VR…

The possibilities of using AI in retail are limitless. We can improve operational efficiency so much in the retail sector in predicting the demands, managing the inventory and supply chain, and creating AR/VR experiences.

Conservations with AI

Marketing: Customer Segmentation, Behavior Analysis…

Marketing is one field where most of the backend analysis can be performed with AI solutions. You can create customer segmentation, under their behavior, forecast the sales, minimize churn, and automate a lot more processes.

Predictive Analytics

Manufacturing: Smart Robots, Supply Chain…

In manufacturing, you can use AI for project management and regulate the warehouse, supply chain, and inventory. If you’re into smart manufacturing, then an intelligent robot for better production is the way to go!

Image and Text Analysis

Security: Biometric, Access Control...

Our AI development solutions have helped companies to minimize security threats. We use biometric identification, fraud detection and prevention, predictive analysis, and in-store theft control to improve security.

Video Intelligence

Finance: Fraud Detection, Process Automation…

We implement fraud detection systems and intelligent process automation with our AI software solutions. We also build analytics tools to understand stocks and predictive algorithms for providing loans and customer retention.

Robotic Process Automation

Human Resources: Smart Recruitment, Productive Analysis…

The Human Resources team can use AI and machine learning tools to cut down the mundane process of shortlisting the candidates. We also develop intelligent systems to assess and manage the best candidates for the position.

Cognitive Center of Excellence

Healthcare: Predictive Analysis, Risk Analysis…

Healthcare companies can employ risk analysis algorithms to determine the condition of the patient and take due actions before the condition worsens. Our Artificial Intelligence services also help in predicting equipment failure, inventory needs, etc.

We are AI implementation partners across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Best AI Solutions Company in India to Make Your Ideas a Reality

Artificial Intelligence, in itself, is used to implement those unconventional ideas that haven’t been tried before. To make that happen, you need AI software services providers who have a deep sense of understanding of AI and data analytics works best with the right technology. We have experts in our AI consultants India team who choose the right combination of the tools and technologies to generate a solution with Artificial Intelligence that brings your idea into reality. From creating a strategy to the validation of the final product, our team of AI consulting services will be there with you.

AI Solutions

As the core concept of AI, machine learning provides the intelligence to your process by understanding and reacting according to the inputs. We employ ML for many AI developments.

AI Solutions

Deep learning works with algorithms and neural networks. We commonly use image recognition, language processing, audio recognition, speech recognition, and image analysis.

AI Solutions

The usage of chatbots has increased for the past few years. We are developing chatbots for companies to deploy chatbots to cut down the manpower and improve response time and efficiency.

AI Solutions

When you want to translate the human language into a machine-understandable form, then NLP is needed. We use NLP for analyzing social media interactions, customer reviews, and for assessing customer support.

AI Solutions

By studying the behavior patterns, cognitive patterns, emotions, and demographic data, our computerized AI model can describe realistic user personas for product research, marketing, and sales.

AI Solutions

We can analyze images, videos, texts, and audio with AI automation services. We develop AI algorithms that process human speech, image or real-time video to discover patterns and insights.

AI Solutions

Predictive analysis is going big recently, with companies more concerned about how to prepare for the future. With our set up of predictive analysis with the most appropriate AI tools, you can predict the progress.

AI Solutions

By tracking and analyzing the data points, we observe the points that don’t follow the regular pattern as expected. We automate anomaly detection with AI and machine learning for superfast identification of issues.

AI Solutions

By combining the real world with the machine, our AI company India can achieve higher accuracy and productivity. Recently, many companies in the manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive sectors are using RPA for quick operations.

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence is slowly replacing human involvement with a faster and more efficient automated system. To ensure that such an automated process is working smoothly, you still need humans’ help to watch over and make it perfect. Our team of AI consultants, developers, and experts are best at understanding the working of any AI system from the roots. This ensures that your AI-backed process works without a hitch and as expected. Being an experienced AI solutions company, we offer customized AI services based on your needs.

  • Retail AI for Pro-Active Approach

    AI Consulting Services

    Our services offer complete support for the implementation and the development of any AI project. We recognize your capabilities, the business needs, and the market condition to advise the best AI software solutions.

  • Finance AI for Minimizing Risks

    AI Automation Services

    Automation is the heart of the AI. We can cut down your operating expenditure once and for all with investment in AI technology. We automate your processes and improve productivity with AI-backed tools.

  • Healthcare AI for Personalized Solutions

    Full-Cycle AI Development

    Do you have a specific project in mind? Let’s help you to implement it right from creating the roadmap to building and deploying the solutions. We’ll be your remote partner for the complete scope of the project and even beyond that.

  • Telecom AI for Tangible Results

    Ad-Hoc Support of AI Company India

    More often, there’s a need for updating and addition to existing AI tools. We offer support for maintaining the AI products to its best performance. We also update the system to meet the current business requirements.

  • Manufacturing AI for Smart Processes

    AI Workshops

    We conduct AI workshops of varying levels for the employees of your organization to understand and work with AI tools. From the introduction to AI, ML, and other key concepts, we cover the fundamentals of AI for both technical and commercial audiences.

Our Process for AI Consulting Services

As one of the top AI software services providers in Singapore and India, our AI consultants have worked on numerous projects involving various technologies and practices. We follow a customized approach for our services, depending on what your problem is. From helping companies to unravel certain concepts to giving guidance about AI implementation, we have done it all. Our typical process begins with strategizing and ends with delivery.

Strategy Formulation

How can you use AI for that specific application? This is when we outline the scope and advantages of bringing AI into the solution.

Choosing Specific AI Solutions

Which specific AI software solutions suit the best? Our AI consultants India team analyze to pick the best technologies and customized AI products to deliver your expected result.


Evaluation and Selection of the Team

Which team can handle this project the best? You can hire our in-house team of AI automation services experts or we’ll guide you to form a team on your side.

Project Initiation and Implementation

How do we go about the project? If you’ve hired our AI company India team, we start working on the project and keep you updated regularly.

Training by AI Software Services Providers

How can your teamwork with it? After the project implementation, you may need your team to understand and work with the tool. This is when our artificial intelligence services chip in and train your team to make the most of the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our Artificial Intelligence business solutions, understand how we function and get more information on how you can use it for your applications.

We can guide you with a seamless transition to the AI system. Our consultants will work with your employees, teach them about how to handle the new system and provide tips on using the entire AI system for their advantage. If you already have an idea in mind, we can work alongside you to implement it practically. If not, we will analyze your business operations and come up with some top areas where AI will have the maximum effect.

We have very stringent regulations on the confidentiality of our clients’ information. You can sign an NDA with us and we will also let you know about the highly-secure systems in which we store your information.

You can ask us any questions you have on Artificial Intelligence during the consultation. You can discuss your business issues and get an idea of how AI can solve these problems, the cost of implementation and the future scope of this system. You can also ask our experts to tell you about the different ways in which AI can be practically implemented throughout your organization.

It depends on the scope and scale of the project. We are completely upfront and honest about the time we take and the resources we may need to develop the project. During the beginning, we will give you a timeline based on the assessment of the project. We will make sure to stick with it during the project development.

Yes, we do provide an online training session with our experts. You and your colleagues can participate in this training session, get clarity on what each one of the parameters means, how you can use it for business decisions and best hacks to use them. You can also hire our AI experts on an hourly basis or a project basis for detailed help and support.

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