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Software Testing Services

Let’s ensure the quality of your software product in our state-of-the-art testing lab.

You can be confident that your software works in its best version and performs successfully in its target market. We are a highly skilled and specialized software testing company with a proven track record of finessing the developed software into a high-performing product. With over 60+ happy clients and a high customer satisfaction rate of 97%, we are the right web and mobile app test services partners you need.


A Peek into the Various Non-Functional and Functional Testing Services

Our web application testing company offers more than 50+ various software testing that includes both testing services -Functional and Non-Functional. For the testing of any software, we first analyze the software elements, the end-users, and the solution’s scope. Based on this primary analysis, we propose a set of different software tests you make sure the end product is of the best quality. Your team can, of course, work with our in-house testing experts and modify the list of tests as and when needed. Here are a few critical software tests we perform for web and mobile application testing services purpose:

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance tests aim to optimize the speed, stability, and functionality of the complete software under different circumstances. We test the software with various conditions, note its responses, and find out if there’s any room for improvement.

Automated Testing

Security Testing

With the security of digital applications becoming a top issue, we take extra precautions to ensure that your software is safe from any vulnerabilities and hacking attempts. We test for the security under controlled conditions and identify any loopholes.

Functional Testing

Integration Testing

Software is a combination of different modules, applications, toolkits, and a lot more. We test the seamless integration with the combined functionality of elements and how each of them communicates with one another.

Usability Testing

Unit Testing

Unit tests are conducted for the individual module close to the source code. Such a testing process required in-depth knowledge of software coding and design. We perform both manual and automated unit testing.

Other Testing Services

Load Testing

It is non-functional testing where we analyze the maximum amount of load a piece of software can withstand without compromising its performance. This test primarily identifies the maximum capacity of the software under normal conditions.

Mobile and Device Testing

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is one of the vital functional testing services where we ensure that no defect stops the testing team from conducting a complete check of the software. This detailed testing will check all functionalities and identify any significant issues.

Browser Testing

Acceptance Testing

These tests are performed to check if the application meets the user requirements and the standards of the business. By replicating the user behaviors and understanding the user profiles, our software testing company will review the performance and user acceptance.

Isolation Testing

Test Automation

If you want to lower your testing costs and achieve a quicker time to market, then we can automate the tests in our hi-tech testing labs fitted with the upgraded versions of testing platforms under our testers’ watchful eyes.

We deliver Automated Softwere Testing Services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Our Deliverables for Software Tests

Our web application testing company comprises a team of highly motivated software testers and programmers who enjoy what we do. This attitude reflects in our approach to client-centric desktop and mobile app test services that overcome all challenges and delivers problem-free output. For any software testing services process, we go through a strict, no-compromise process that catches the bugs before the release through several stages of testing. Our deliverables for mobile application testing services extend above and beyond your expectations.

Planning and Design

Robust Testing Approaches

Our agile testing strategy provides flexible and holistic functional testing services through various tools, workflows, and physical devices based on your software needs.

  • Libraries like PHPUnit, Jasmine, MOQ
  • Frameworks like NUnit, Robot Framework, Appium
  • Platforms like PHP Codesniffer, BrowserStack, Karma
Implementation and Execution

Recommendations on Improvements

Based on our software testing and the discoveries, we suggest various improvements that will enhance the software quality.

  • Reporting on the identification of bugs.
  • Recommendations on the latest and relevant features based on user preferences.
  • Additional tweaks to resolve minor issues and contribute to better product quality.
Evaluation and Report

Guidance on Test Creations

If you plan to run tests on your own in the future, we will be happy to offer guidance on the same.

  • Creation of user stories that are close to the ideal user persona for running tests.
  • Understanding of the acceptance criteria to check the results of the tests.
  • A brief into the selection of various tests based on the software functionalities.

The Preferred Software Testing Company in Singapore

In our 13+ years of expertise, we have worked on various software outsourced projects from global clients, many of whom are from Singapore and India. Our offline testing process has time and again proven to identify the flaws and significant issues that could otherwise create trouble. From the focused checks to a section of the software to end-to-end software testing services, our web application testing company is the best. We have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry because of our specialized and attentive services.

Enhance User Experience

We offer UI and UX testing that plays a vital role in controlling how users perceive and interact with your application. We offer both desktop and mobile application testing services to ensure consistent performance across all devices.

Maintain Your Business Reputation

We all have heard of how a single security leak has damaged many companies’ reputation. We, as a superior software testing company, go out of our way to ensure that your business reputation and reliability increase and never go down.


Mitigate Risks Through Mobile App Test Services

We work separately from the development team, and this makes a difference in being impartial in the testing process. We conduct full manual and automated tests to find out the risks that could decline the quality.

Customized Approach That Fits

Be it for the testing of a brand-new software or the maintenance of the existing software; our functional testing services come up with a customized approach that fits your needs, budget, and most of all, the software requirements.

Assuring Quality Through Web Application Testing Company

Name any specific requirement for testing your software, and we’ll make it happen. We offer flexible software testing services that are wholly dependent on your product and business needs. Irrespective of how big or small the project is; our tailored approach is a top reason for delivering error-free software.

  • A Complete Sweep of New Software

    Complete Software Audit

    We perform a complete audit of new or existing software to check its coding, functionality, user experience, integrations, and modules. We offer a full report of the inspection as well as our suggestions to work on the issues.

  • Improve the Performance of an Existing Software

    Mobile Application Testing Services

    If you want to test a new mobile app or perform regular maintenance checks on a running app, our test approach will weed out the problematic areas. Our mobile app test services also focus on the UX of various devices and orientations.

  • Regular Testing and Maintenance

    Review of Software Design

    This design review is specifically to test the frontend of the software and check its seamless operations across different browsers, screen resolutions, and interactions with in-built functionalities and resolve the performance lags and UX flaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions on software testing or how our process looks like, have a look at the following FAQ and the answers from our experts.

If you are developing new software, then you should plan its testing from scratch. The preparation for the testing should be initiated during the development phase with the test cases made ready. Once the software is developed, it will ideally enter the testing phase.

Some even test their software in parallel as it is being developed to avoid unnecessary time delays in redoing the entire thing. It is completely your call to choose when you want to test it.

At Aegis, we offer an agile way of software development where the developing and the testing stages overlap. We also offer individual testing services. You can choose whichever you need.

There is no proper way to say the exact duration for the software testing process as it varies depending on the scale and functions of the application. To give you an idea, the testing would take about 20% to 30% of the development time and for software with complex configurations, the testing could be even longer. A test case ideally takes anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes to complete. So, for big applications, the testing time will be more.

Once we take a look at the scale of the software developed, we will advise on the number of the testers. Generally, we advise one to three testers for a normal software testing project. If you need more testers to include, you can always talk to us.

You don’t have to worry about where your software is stored. We employ various ways to remotely test your software no matter where you are in this world. Just talk to our experts and we will explain to you about how we can access your software and test it efficiently.

Many of our clients hire us to test their software periodically at agreed intervals of time. During these tests, we will check the software entirely or partially as per your requirements, make note of issues, if any, and submit a report at the end. This regular testing will ensure that any problem in the software is immediately noticed and fixed then and there. This will avoid any performance lags, downtime and unfavorable user experience.

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