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Cloudera Consulting

Make data your best business asset with Cloudera. Cloudera Enterprise Hub is one of the fastest big data tools that make it a reality to conduct tailored analytics with minimal intervention. Realize in-depth insights, perform advanced analytics, and implement a consistent data experience with our Cloudera big data consulting.

Empowered Clients

Experience Elastic Cloud with Cloudera Big Data Analytics

Industry’s first enterprise cloud that makes flexible, sophisticated data-driven solutions possible.

Cloudera is a prime innovator in big data with advanced and revolutionary big data management solutions and analytics. In a nutshell, Cloudera is a big data software platform that allows storing, processing, and flexibly analyzing data. You can store your raw data in the cloud platform and deploy smart algorithms to extract business intelligence from them. You can also use Cloudera with Hadoop and its associated tools. Our team of Cloudera big data solutions experts will help you with Cloudera Hadoop implementation as well as for analytics solutions.

Multi-Functional Platform

Worry no more about the long-winding data silos with the parallel, multi-functional operations of Cloudera right from the source.

Strict Data Governance

Conduct ultra-fast data scanning with Apache Phoenix Cloudera and develop next-gen data solutions with interactive tables.

Zero Lock-In

Enjoy maximum interoperability and complete flexibility with Cloudera’s pricing structure based only on your needs.

A holistic cloud data platform focusing on speed, security, and performance.

Be it for any business and any extent of data science applications, Cloudera has the complete package that can be customized to become the solution for the business challenges. It ticks all the boxes that companies look for in an analytics platform - maximum security, unparalleled efficiency and advanced, time-sensitive analytics.

Data Science Collaborative

Collaborative data science with modern, open-source tools to accelerate solutions.

On-demand Driven Model

Leverage on-demand computation of data with innovative, self-service solutions by Cloudera big data consulting experts.

Best practices

Develop and deploy workspaces in just a few clicks and share data access securely.

We deliver Cloudera Consulting Services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Cloudera Consulting Services

Cloudera has no shortage of possibilities when it comes to customized big data solutions. You can implement Cloudera for various solutions - from hi-tech robots to automated sales solutions. With its cloud-native platform, it lifts the ability of data-centric operations to a widespread scale with maximum security. Our Cloudera experts will help in progressing your organization by leveraging big data. From helping you to implementing Cloudera across your entire organization to increasing the applications of the existing Cloudera big data solutions, we are here for you.

Apache Phoenix Cloudera Data Evaluations

Conduct assessments of your big data needs and current capabilities for Cloudera deployment.

Cloudera Strategy

Advice on the most suitable Cloudera strategy for implementing the right data analytics.

Cloudera Hadoop Implementation

Customize Cloudera architecture and set up big data operations right from data collection.

Cloudera Big Data Analytics

Assist in building and deploying data algorithms for tailored big data analytics on Cloudera.

Cloudera Integration

Integrate with your existing data tools in the ecosystem and ensure seamless transfer of data.

Cloudera Managed Services

Monitor your Cloudera environment at regular intervals and pitch in whenever any assistance is needed.

Features of Cloudera Data Platform

Every business understands the need for data analytics. But only a few comprehend the right way to do it. We have come across many businesses struggling with ineffective data tools and restricted data visibility that sabotage their data insights. Our Cloudera big data consulting solutions have helped to unravel the complexity of big data and reach those data insights that are of considerable value. With our Cloudera consulting services, you can extract useful information from the mass of collected data day in and day out. To make this happen, we use a bunch of Cloudera features.

Cloudera DataFlow

Transfer your Apache Phoenix Cloudera data securely and quickly from end to end with complete tracking for analytics.

Cloudera Data Science Workbench

Enable machine learning deployment with Cloudera’s Workbench and use R, Python, or Scala.

Cloudera Workload

Optimize your workloads, manage the data infrastructure and other data environments easily with Cloudera Workload.


Cloudera Data Warehouse

Leverage the hybrid, multi-cloud environment available at an unprecedented volume with real-time through Cloudera big data analytics.

CDP Private Cloud

Get fast analytics with just 50% of your data center infrastructure and include machine learning capabilities.

Our Expertise in Cloudera Big Data Solutions

At Aegis Softtech, we have empowered organizations to work with complex data and enrich their business with clear, useful data insights. We don’t just work for Cloudera Hadoop implementation and big data solutions for today. We help you to prepare for the data challenges and needs of tomorrow. Our Cloudera consulting services experts have worked with many Indian and Singaporean companies for more than 10 years since Cloudera was founded in 2008. From Apache Phoenix Cloudera deployment to revamping the analytics platform entirely, we have worked on projects of varying complexities.

Evaluation of the Data Needs and Resources

Maintain Cybersecurity

We have helped mitigate financial crimes, risks, and compliance issues by combining the power of machine learning and advanced analytics.

Customization of Data Implementation Process

Improve Customer Experience

We have set up marketing automation, achieve relevancy in marketing, personalize customer interactions, and many more with Cloudera.

Deployment and Training

IoT-Based Solutions

We have implemented IoT solutions in industries with smart devices coupled with Cloudera DataFlow with real-time operations.

Delivering Excellence Through Cloudera Big Data Consulting

Many companies talk about becoming completely data-driven, but not many are successful in it. Even when you have the best tools available, the lack of proper support and guidance could make this process harder and longer. Our Cloudera big data solutions are designed to help out such organizations with a strong aim to truly put data forward in their business decisions. We optimize your data architecture, deploy Cloudera, and integrate your analytics into various business operations.

  • Reduction in the Churning Time

    No More Independent Silos

    Let’s eliminate the inefficiencies that come with running independent silos for data analytics and replace it with the multi-functional operations of Cloudera Hadoop implementation.

  • High Success Rate in Business Decisions

    No More Scattered Data

    Instead of spreading out on the data across cloud, data centers, and other storage options, bring it together on a single platform of Cloudera big data analytics and simplify your data operations.

  • Minimized Security Risks

    No More Scares About Security

    Invest in Cloudera and be done with the data security issues limiting how you interact with the data. Let our Cloudera consulting services experts guide you towards a secure platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any more questions about Cloudera or our services in general? Well, here are answers to some common questions on Cloudera services.

Cloudera is hands-down the best data platform to choose due to its numerous functions that has something for every industry’s requirements. Since it’s developed by Apache, it can be easily integrated with the other Apache platforms which give you immense opportunities in the future to expand your data capabilities easily.

When you have a specific need in mind from Cloudera, we can help in realizing it. By considering your data needs and the resource limitations, we customize and create new pipelines of data processes to give you the intended output.

Yes, we assist in integrating your existing Cloudera with physical IoT devices and also facilitate in implementing new Cloudera DataFlow platform (CDF) for IoT.

Though we are connected remotely, we ensure the locations doesn’t stand in the way of our services. We work at your local timezone and will always be available to chat, talk, discuss and hold meetings regularly. We will give you regular updates like your in-house team. You won’t feel the difference of us being a remote team due to our connected, agile approach.

Yes, you can. We have big data experts, data analysts and experts on various Apache platforms who can work together as a team to implement a wholesome data management and analytics platform with Cloudera. This team can guide you with choosing the data warehouses, migration of data, setting up ETL pipelines, customizing the dashboards, integrating with the other related systems and deploying the complete setup.

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