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Magento eCommerce Development

With more companies occupying the eCommerce space, you need the best eCommerce platform to build your e-store on. Magento is one of the leading eCommerce service providers offering everything a company would need to build an online store. Regardless of the type of e-store you need, your market, and the products you offer, Magento web development is what you need to keep up with the fast-paced, competitive world.

Empowered Clients

Enrich Your E-Store Experience with Singapore’s Best Magento Development Company

Magento is one platform that’s under constant development. With the all-new revamped Magento 2 development bringing advanced functionalities to the table, you can build an eCommerce website you dream of and your customers remember. The Magento development India is what you need to make that happen. Our Magento development agency has some of the Best hire magento developers for Magento application development who have worked on projects of a large scale for Singaporean and Indian companies.

When your company’s entire impression depends on your online store, why settle for any less Magento development agency? Schedule a call with one of our Magento development service experts to get the much-needed guidance.

We deliver Magento eCommerce services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Build Stunning eCommerce Stores with Our Magento Development Service

Magento has the whole package to run any eCommerce business. But with loads of functionalities comes the complications in understanding how the store will look and function. This is where the help of an established Magento development company comes in. Our Magento development agency offers effective and rapid Magento eCommerce development with our in-house team of developers, designers, specialists, and testers. Our talented and experienced team can help with Magento store development right from the stage of installing to taking charge of your store even after the complete setup.

Reinforce Your Business with Magento 2 Development

Stay relevant and utilize the maximum benefits of Magento application development with the revamped current version.

Complete Magento Web Development Services

Magento Web Development for Small Businesses & Startups

We create easy-to-use Magento stores for new businesses, startups and SMBs tailored to fit the products. We research and understand your customers and build features that simplify shopping in your e-store.

Customized Design Elements

Magento 2 Development for Large Organizations

For organizations of a large scale, we factor in the huge pool of customer profiles. Our Magento development India services create a personalized platform that dynamically adjusts user history, considers language differences and people’s preferences.

Streamline Your Business with Magento eCommerce Development

With your e-store at the center, create strong, streamlined operations for hassle-free management by our Magento development service.

Migrate to Magento 2

Integration with Other Systems

While Magento application development would be the prime system for any online store, you may have separate systems for supply chain, ERP, CRM, etc. It would be best to integrate all of them with Magento and facilitate the seamless transfer of data.

Cross-Platform Migration

Create Automated Processes

You can build systematic processes on Magento website development about what the next step in the process will be after receiving the order. You can save so much of the manual time when you streamline emails, supply chain processes, customer messages, etc.

Simple, Swift & Seamless Migration to Magento 2

Experience the complete benefits of Magento 2 by migrating easily to the platform with zero hassles.

Automatic Search Completions

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Are you still using the outdated version of Magento 1 with no support from the provider whatsoever? Well, it’s time to make the switch to the new, advanced, and better platform for Magento store development with our experts.

Integrations with Third-Party Search Tools

Migration from Third-Party Platforms

We offer affordable plans for migration to Magento 2 from other eCommerce platforms. We will seamlessly transfer the data quickly, recreate the design on Magento 2 with the user-friendly themes, and prep your website on Magento 2.

Take Charge of Your Marketing & Promotions through Magento Development Company

Give a strong fight to your competitors with the all-inclusive promotional features that come with our Magento web development services.

Integrations for Store Management

Multi-Directional Marketing with Magento Development India

You can make use of the pricing rules for carts and catalogs and set up trigger prices depending on a host of conditions. You can also set up dynamic presentations of products, monitor the analytics, and do a lot more.

Integrations for Website Enrichment

Personalized Communications

You can personalize the way you interact with your customers on the website, through notifications and emails. You can automate email marketing, send out newsletters, and manage sales conversations through Magento 2.

Simplify Store Management with Magento Development Agency

No complications. No coding. No roundabout ways. Just a simple and user-friendly backend to manage your eCommerce website with our Magento development service.

Recognized Magento eCommerce Development Company

Setting Up Hierarchy with Websites

If you are running two or more stores, our Magento Website Development can help you to set up a hierarchy among the stores with separate store views. Every store can function on its own with design, menu, languages, etc.

Magento Store Support and Maintenance

Quick Order Management with Magento Application Development

With the administrative view, you can view, edit, and fulfill orders placed on the e-store. You can also manage the invoices sent out for customers, distributors, and retailers, monitor shipments, and create memos with Magento eCommerce development.

Deliver the Best Checkout Experience with Magento Store Development

Don’t let a troublesome checkout process hamper your business. Let’s help you out to optimize the checkout and close deals faster.

Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support

Fast, Minimal Checkout Options

We customize different checkout options for guests and users, optimize the webpage, and ensure that the checkout process isn’t long-winding. With simple, personalized choices, we can quickly take your prospects to the end line and become customers.

Single Access Point for Multiple E-Stores

Offer Customer-Convenient Payment

Magento supports various payment methods and gateways like PayPal, credit card, debit card, wallets, etc. You can even use offline payment methods like checks, money orders, and CODs according to your customers’ convenience.

Discover, Impress and Convert Customers with Magento 2 Development

Developing an eCommerce site is what many companies for Magento development India offer. But our services extend much beyond it. We set up and advise on Magento’s best features that will help in lead and customer conversions. We provide guidance and support in using Magento to make your site discoverable, attract prospects with web design and user interface, and convert them with your quick checkout features.

Streamlined Order Management

Get Discovered with Magento SEO

Magento Development Company offers a simple way to optimize every one of your WebPages for SEO. This helps to get discovered by people using search engines to find your kind of products. We help in setting and optimizing your Google site map, webpage URLs, Meta descriptions, tags, and product categories for SEO.

Powered-Up Magento BI

Impress with Magento BI

Magento BI is a cloud analytics platform that helps to understand the data from your e-store. You can build data models, perform analysis, and create reports all within the Magento 2 development platform. You can get deep insights into your users’ actions that help you to optimize your store better for conversions.

Magento Marketplace

Convert with Simplified Purchasing

When you have prospects interested in your products, it’s critical to make the process of purchasing as simple and easy as possible. This is when the expertise of our Magento web development comes in. Our Magento store development simplifies the steps in the checkout process and personalizes it for the users for quick purchases.

Let the Smart Magento Development Agency Take Care of Your Online Store

When it comes to Magento eCommerce development, the developers and designers of Aegis Softtech are the best allies you can ever find. Our services for Magento website development in India and Singapore have helped many ventures to establish themselves in the market. Many of our clients have successfully marched ahead of their competitors and provided the most pleasing online shopping experience for their customers. Our secret lies in our 360-degree Magento development service offering and our genuine interest in making your online business a hit.

Everything You Need to Run a Successful E-Store

  • Strategic Approach to Magento Solutions

    Save Time

    With the developers from our Magento development company doing the groundwork to set up and run your online store efficiently, you can focus on tasks that desperately need your attention.

  • Mobile-First Design

    Attract Prospects

    We create optimized Magento application development that search engines love. Further, our responsive and user-friendly web design takes the conversions up a notch.

  • Heightened User Engagement

    Keep Them Coming Back

    Increase your retention rate with intelligent marketing tools, automated interactions, personalized recommendations, and valuable analytics to increase your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get better insights into how we work and the Magento development services we provide.

There are several advantages of using Magento:

  • Versatile website design and optimization
  • Complete security features
  • Customizable content management system
  • Streamlined order processing
  • Automatic inventory integration
  • Integration to shipping and order-related services
  • Advanced SEO
  • Sophisticated searching options

Magento 2 holds a lot of benefits when compared to Magento 1 in terms of the security features, mobile responsiveness and customization options for the e-store. Also, Magento will stop providing support for Magento 1 from June 2020 and the new improvements and features will only be added to Magento 2 and not on Magento 1. Hence, it’s best to migrate to Magento 2 to get all the benefits of what Magento has to offer.

Yes, sure we can. Just let us what kind of e-store you want along with the functionalities and details about the vendors and we’ll develop the Magento store all set for your relaunch.

The duration of developing a Magento store varies on the extent of the project. Some require a very simple few page store while some may have hundreds of product pages included. Therefore, it can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months or so based on your project scope. If you want to know a specific time estimate, please contact us.

We have two main hiring models - the first for a one-time project and the second for long-term needs. Both of these models are flexible and you can include any Magento development services you require along with it. No matter what model you choose, our Magento developers will work in your preferable time zones so that you can have access to the team during your comfortable times.

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