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Power BI Reporting Services

If you want something savvy enough to manage any data volume with great efficiency, then Power BI development is the prime choice. Power BI solutions are powerful, intuitive, and capable enough to visualize and analyze any type of data with high accuracy.

Empowered Clients

Why Do You Need Microsoft Power Business Intelligence Solution Providers?

Microsoft Power BI is a self-service platform fueled to deliver Business Intelligence (BI) with deep data insights and quick visualizations. With data becoming the prime consideration factor in any decision-making process, it is vital to give as much importance to the data analytics as you value the data sources. Aegis Softtech is a renowned Power BI company in India and Singapore specializes in offering outsourced services for everything related to Power BI. Many of our clients prefer Power BI data analytics due to the immense advantages to their business.

Rapid Innovation

Rapid Innovation

Accelerate the growth of your organization with data as the driving factor.


Industry-Leading AI

Find insights quickly with Microsoft AI and conduct advanced analytics.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Depend on the data insights with confidence and leverage it to the maximum.

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

Easily automate with other business applications and build automated workflows.

Actionable Insights Delivered with Our Power BI Solutions

One common challenge for many enterprises is the gap between data analytics services and business growth. The key to resolving this issue is to deliver actionable and practical insights in a simple, visual form that everyone can understand. Power BI excels in both by offering options for advanced analytics as well as user-friendly visualization features. You can ensure that the data analysis results are understood in just the way they mean and employed in your business decisions. Our Power BI reporting services and development solutions help in customizing the platform to extract the best performance.

Personalized Reports

We build custom templates for the reports for the most common needs. You can use these templates to quick on-the-spot reports and personalize it with the KPIs and your business elements.

One-Stop Big Data Insights

We can set up data pipelines from various data sources to Power BI. You can filter, analyze, share, and promote the data insights across your entire organization with maximum consistency and accuracy.

Easy Collaboration

When you work with Power BI, you can integrate it with Microsoft platforms like Team and Excel. You can collaborate easily with everyone in the organization and empower them about data analytics.

Utilize Data Insights to the Maximum

With the interactive reports and seamless controls on Power BI, you can leverage the data insights 100%. You can further create a story and predict the trends which give you a competitive advantage.

We deliver Power Bi services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Power BI Services We Offer

Data seems unfathomable until you have an efficient data analytics platform to unravel it. Power BI is a powerful cloud data platform that helps enterprises reach the data insights quicker with better accuracy. Being an experienced Power BI company, we have handled various projects for optimizing the data process with Power BI. We have a huge team of data analysts, data engineers, and Power BI developers to build, optimize, and update your Power BI platform for maximum performance.


Power BI Consulting

Consume the data from different sources and properly use them with guidance from our Power BI consultants.


Power BI Development

Get access to the business-critical data insights at the right time with our BI development and customization.


Power BI Reporting Services

Quickly understand the data insights and support business decisions with our personalized templates for visualizations.


Custom Dashboard Development

View the data analytics that is crucial to your organization instantly with our optimized Power BI dashboards.


Power BI Support & Maintenance

Make use of our 24x7 support services for Power BI and 360-degree maintenance to continue leveraging valuable insights.


Power BI Training

Improve the productivity and capability with which your employees interact with Power BI and put it to maximum use.

Modern Power BI Data Analytics Across Industries

Data analytics has extreme value for all facets of any business. We are one of the top business intelligence solution providers in Singapore and India, having worked with companies from different sectors. Our targeted Power BI services have helped the individual department improve productivity and competency, thus fueling its revenue. Here are the key Power BI solutions we offer.


Financial Reporting

We create optimized reports for the financial departments to quicken the time taken for repetitive tasks. We also offer additional support and training for financial institutions to use Power BI.


Budgeting and Planning

Planning the budget or any project takes a lot of work. But it can be made simple with Power BI. With our proven data-backed approach, you can cut down on unnecessary expenditure and make smart decisions.


Sales Analysis

Every organization depends on the sales analysis reports to understand the result of the efforts. We include the prime KPIs and create report templates and aid in the analysis to fully understand the sales efforts.



Forecasting is needed by all enterprises to prepare for the future. We use Power BI to set up the analytics for forecasting with the right parameters to accurately predict the future and guide today’s actions.


Inventory Analysis

Minimizing the value of the inventory is something that’s on the mind of most companies. We create intelligent data models to track and gauge the real-time worth of the inventory and find ways to reduce it.


Workflow Integration

Departments from around the enterprise use various tools and software. For constructive Power BI data analytics, we need the data collected from those numerous sources. We integrate multiple tools and workflows for fast data collection.

Let’s Help Your Business Excel

Leveraging meaningful insights is the key to business intelligence. Our Power BI consultants and developers help set up such data insights with the best combination of Power BI development tools and technologies.

Strategic Assistance with Power BI Company

We strategize the migration to the Power BI or update the platform with newer models and features based on your business requirements.

Insights That Transforms Your Business

Being one of the top business intelligence solution providers means delivering solutions that transform your business with data as the prime reason.

Bring Everything Together

Gather the data from spreadsheets, on-premise databases, and from other tools to Power BI and conduct advanced analytics.

Make Time-Critical Decisions

Our Power BI services would set up real-time data analytics and real-time data reporting on the dashboard to get critical data insights as the data comes.

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