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Big Data Consulting

Nothing is comparable to the immense value that data holds. Let’s make it easy for your organization to understand and utilize data science innovations through our big data analytics services.

Empowered Clients

Customized Big Data Analytics Solutions with Latest Technologies

When it comes to data analytics, the relevance of the tools, technologies, and practices with the current demands has a significant impact. We offer a multitude of service offerings for big data implementation, data pipeline customization, data sourcing, reporting, and advanced BI. Our big data experts have vast expertise in various big data software, tools, and databases. They are experienced in picking the right combination of these tools for smooth big data operations. Our big data services India and Singapore are thoroughly tailored to meet the ever-increasing volume of data and challenges.

Ecosystem Technologies

  • spark
  • cloudera
  • mapr

NoSQL Databases

  • hbase
  • mongodb

Smart & Strategic Big Data Services

Many organizations struggle with the deriving value from data. It can be due to improper data processing systems, inability to visualize the data insights clearly, or incorrect data usage. These are just a tip of the common mistakes we find in many data systems. Our smart big data solutions India is what you need to fix such issues in your big data process and deliver clear, usable, and valuable data insights that help everyday business operations.

Collection & Processing

Data Collection & Processing

These are several ways in which businesses collect data. Some are collected directly from the users based on their interactions with the various elements of the business. Some are collected from social media, loyalty programs, and data research methods. We use a combination of such techniques to collect accurate and worthwhile data.

We help set up processing systems for transactional data, marketing analysis data, social media data, and other personalized data gathered from user actions. We guide you to clearly define data processing models according to your business activities.

Big Data Analytics Services, Training & Support

With new big data technologies rising and intelligent data processes being employed, you cannot afford to be left behind. Our consultants will train your employees to adapt to the current data trends and latest tools with a stronghold on data governance and security.

We also extend our big data consulting sessions to your top-tier officials to stay informed about the big data processes and how you can improve your business with it.

Services, Training & Support
Big Data Consultants

BI & Data Analytics with Big Data Consultants India

Data analytics is where the main work of analysis happens. Our consultants will work with your in-house team and devise tailored analytics systems that unlock data’s real potential. We help identify real value from data sets and networks and identify key data gaps through BI reporting tools and visualization software.

From offering consulting on data tool customizations to designing the dashboards and setting up a predictive analysis, our team of big data solutions India provides a comprehensive set of services.

We deliver Big Data services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Gain the Edge with Big Data Analytics Solutions

The data and the data practices are rapidly changing with time. So, your data models and working principles should be modified to support your decision-making process using the necessary tools and data models. At Aegis Softtech, our big data experts work with nothing but the best tools, technologies, and latest practices relevant to your needs and the changing landscape of your domain. We offer a wide scope of big data services that appeal to your demand for Business Intelligence, cost-effective models, and rapid data processing and analysis.

Enhanced Customer View

Data Profiling

We facilitate accurate data profiling, which means the quality of the data sent for the analysis is the highest. You can uncover the source’s potential data relationships, identify lineage, and assess the quality before sending the data for analytics.

Drive Business Efficiency

Cloud Data Engineering

If you are having trouble understanding all about cloud data, our big data consultants India team is there to help. From educating you about IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, we will guide you to make the right choice.

Fraud Detection

Enterprise Data Strategy

When there is a lack of governance with your data processing and analytics, we can help define your data strategy’s scope and plan out the execution with the support for technical architecture that aligns with your business goals.

Predictive Maintenance

Setting Up Data Analysis

When it comes to big data analytics services, there is so much you can choose from - predictive, qualitative, statistical, diagnostic, preventive, prescriptive, and statistical. We help in deploying in the right combination of algorithms that supports your objectives.

Machine Learning

BI & Data Reporting

Achieving Business Intelligence in every move of your business is made simpler with data analytics at the forefront. Our big data consultants India is best at vendor selection, BI tool implementation, and reporting configurations that bring needed data insights.

Futuristic Innovations

Real-Time and Batch Processing

For holistic big data analytics solutions, you require a healthy mix of real-time analytics with batch processing. With our big data services India team, you will be to identify and build separate algorithms based on your applications for optimal data analysis.

Our Proven Expertise of Big Data Solutions India

Big data has become the game-changer across any industry you name. Organizations are now adapting their working style to include the data analysis and it has proven to be of the most value for those who did it right. With our big data consulting experience of over 13 years, we have been instrumental in shaping the way companies perceive and use big data analytics solutions for their practical applications. Here are some industries we have worked in.


Financial Services

In financial companies like banking and insurance, big data analytics services help to identify fraudulent transactions, false claims, and vet the customers. We have helped in building predictive systems and transactional analysis for many finance organizations.

Education & E-Learning


With smart learning gaining popularity, big data is transforming the way students learn. We have partnered with many educational institutions to use data analysis and implementation to change the education industry with adaptive and personalized learning.



From Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to smart sensors installation with data feedback, our team of big data consultants India can enhance the accuracy and the ease of manufacturing processes. You can avoid accidents, human errors, and machine failures with specific data models tailored to your operations.



Big data has improved the patient experience and enabled physicians with advanced diagnostics. We have worked with several healthcare organizations to develop EHR systems, EMR, HIS, ERP, patient portals, and a lot more.



Many retailers are moving towards the data-first technology to understand customers, market them, and keep them coming back again. We have designed big data services for forecasting, marketing, supply chain, price optimization, trend prediction, etc.

Retail & E-Commerce

Public Sector

Many cities and localities are converting to become ‘smart’ with data-driven technology. Our big data consulting helps to implement IoT-enabled data systems with high accuracy to create the best big data solutions for public sector organizations.

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