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Pentaho BI Services

Pentaho ranks as one of the top business intelligence platforms that offers complete data mining and Big data analytics solutions. With custom Pentaho solutions, you can sharpen your decision-making process at every level of your organization. Accelerate and improve the efficiency of the data insights with our Pentaho BI development services now!


Get Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips with Pentaho BI Solutions

Pentaho has a suite of business intelligence products that provide complete solutions for data integration, reporting, analytics, etc. It can be used as an all-in-one platform to handle data, run analysis, and visualize the results. Our Pentaho BI consulting aimed to help organizations to grow steadily and quickly with data-driven decisions. With the right Pentaho application development and customization, it could become that one asset that propels your company to achieve business intelligence.

Low Infrastructure Cost with Pentaho Data Integration

Low Infrastructure Cost with Pentaho Data Integration

Compared to most other reliable and powerful BI tools in the market, the cost of infrastructure is comparatively lesser.

Quick Integration with Pentaho Business Intelligence Development

Quick Integration with Pentaho Business Intelligence Development

Most often, you will need to integrate Pentaho with your other data tools and you can complete that in a very short time.

No Dearth of Visualizations

No Dearth of Visualizations

Visualization, being a top necessity, Pentaho has virtually unlimited options for visualizing the data analytics in the way you require.

Wide Pentaho Data Mining Toolset

Wide Pentaho Data Mining Toolset

Pentaho has such a broad toolset to work with the data at every step beyond the fundamental needs.

Our Pentaho BI Services

Aegis Softtech is an experienced Pentaho BI software company with proven expertise in working with different organizations. We are not just Pentaho BI experts in India and Singapore, we have assisted many businesses to build the infrastructure for big data solutions. With an in-depth understanding of data analytics, our Pentaho BI India team can analyze and suggest custom Pentaho solutions that bring that best out of the data and aid your business goals.

ASP.NET Desktop App Development

Pentaho BI Consulting Services

Our Pentaho BI solutions can help optimize your software to effectively increase the business potential and aid in smart planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

ASP.NET Mobile App Development

Pentaho Development Services

Our Pentaho Business Intelligence developers are extremely skilled at developing the Pentaho BI projects to fulfill any data needs.

ASP.NET Microservice Development

Pentaho BI Mining Services

We develop algorithms for Pentaho data mining, depending on the type of data you collect and the need to filter and process it for analytics.

Cloud Integration Services

Pentaho BI Reporting Services

We customize the Pentaho BI reporting features in such a way that it’s easier for your employees to quickly create reports out of the data analysis.

Application Performance Tuning

Pentaho Integration Services

We handle the ETL setup in Pentaho data integration and connect Pentaho with the other platforms and tools to create a complete data process.

Third-Party Integration

Custom Dashboard Development

With our Pentaho Business Intelligence development of the dashboards, you can customize it to display those critical features and important real-time updates.

Hire Pentaho developers from Aegis Softtech to improve your data processing and analytics altogether with the help of Pentaho and its integrated tools.

The Advantageous Features of Pentaho BI Development Services

At Aegis Softtech, we offer Pentaho development services to increase the accuracy and the speed of your data process to align with your business goals. We recommend Pentaho BI solutions for companies that want a holistic and scalable platform with a host of features to make data analytics simpler. Our Pentaho Business Intelligence development focuses on delivering structured solutions to impact and improve your business performance directly. Some notable features enhance the process of Pentaho application development.

Data Flow Orchestration with Pentaho BI India team

Our Pentaho Business Intelligence Developers build templates for data integration, complete with the sources and targets to make it easier for your data analysts to work on Pentaho. Pentaho integration services help to access the data faster and focus on the project instead of the data flow.

Data Flow Monitor with Pentaho BI Software Company

When you have hundreds or thousands of data pipelines in your process, it can be hard to watch over every performance. With the Pentaho data mining and flow monitoring feature, we can aid you in monitoring all the data pipelines in a single interface.

Standardized Containers

When you need to quickly deploy your applications, you need containers. As Pentaho has standardized containers, our Pentaho BI experts can integrate different containers like Kubernetes with Pentaho and manage them easily.

Mainframe Data Access with Custom Pentaho Solutions

Without compromising the mainframe data’s security, we can access, convert, and send them to the data pipelines. You can then manage, merge, and work with this data with greater accuracy.

Parallel Operations

During peak hours, you may need to run multiple operations at the same time. Pentaho development services have made this possible with worker nodes to conduct the processes in parallel at a much higher speed.

Connect Hadoop Clusters

Most organizations use Hadoop at some point in their data lifecycle. You can now use the centralized platform of Pentaho BI reporting to bring all of the Hadoop clusters together and connect them and save the time of building elaborate distribution channels.

Why Choose Us for Pentaho Application Development?

Our Pentaho BI India team offers complete Business Intelligence solutions and end-to-end capability to mine, condition, analyze, and visualize data. Pentaho data integration has vast features and toolkits to suit any business type. It is crucial to develop and customize Pentaho BI Solutions based on your current resources, team, and business needs. Our Pentaho BI services are what you need to sculpt the platform for your company. Hire Pentaho developers from the top Pentaho BI software company in India and Singapore with proven expertise in big data.

  • Worked on over 100+ Pentaho BI projects for more than 12 years.
  • Quick delivery of the project through the agile method of Pentaho integration services.
  • Real-time assessment of the project with live Pentaho BI consulting sessions.
  • Proficient in the associated tools required for data analytics like the Hadoop family and other applications and databases through PDI.
  • A cross-functional team of data analysts, data scientists, Pentaho Business Intelligence development experts, data engineers, and big data specialists.
  • 24x7 support for the Pentaho platform to fix issues that disrupts the performance.
  • Rapid, cost-effective delivery of the custom Pentaho BI development services.
  • Competitive pricing for outsourcing Pentaho services India with a reliable and motivated Pentaho BI experts’ team.

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