Automating AWS Cloud Resource Discovery with ServiceNow

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading company in the cloud computing space. Cloud computing is becoming commonplace in the ever-changing world of contemporary company operations. As more and more businesses rely on AWS for their computing needs, managing and optimizing the resources throughout this enormous cloud infrastructure becomes essential. For successful asset executives, however, the complexity of AWS circumstances, with their multitude of administrations and quick adaptation, poses challenges. To address these challenges, businesses are turning to automation and ServiceNow managed services and solutions, such as ServiceNow Cloud Discovery, to expedite AWS resource discovery and enhance operational efficiency.

What is ServiceNow Cloud Discovery?

ServiceNow Cloud Discovery facilitates businesses to gain knowledge of their IT infrastructure assets and services across various environments, including serverless, cloud, and on-premises environments.

Features of ServiceNow Cloud Revelation

Automated Exploration:

Using agent, agentless, and cloud-native discovery techniques, ServiceNow Cloud Discovery simplifies the process of finding hardware, virtual resources, cloud instances, and serverless clusters. IT staff save time and effort by streamlining the discovery process with automation.

  • Obtain one-step visibility into Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Function as a Service (FaaS).
  • Employ a variety of revelation strategies, such as cloud-native, agentless, and specialist-based approaches.

Natural Exploration Under Cloud Conditions:

ServiceNow Cloud Discovery simplifies the process of discovering on-premises, cloud, and serverless infrastructure:

Maintain an updated TLS certificate inventory:

Cloud computing revolutionizes data discovery arranges and maintains a state-of-the-art collection of TLS testaments used throughout the association’s foundation. By keeping track of the dates on which endorsements expire and notifying recipients when authentications are about to Amazon AWS, helps organizations ensure continuous security and consistency before they go out of business.

Revelation by ServiceNow Cloud handles TLS certificate administration.

A List of Current Certifications: Obtain notifications when TLS certificates

Reports and firewall audits: Organizations are able to manage firewall policies on their own, using the standard procedure for creating, monitoring, and maintaining firewall rules. This consolidated approach reduces the risk of misconfiguration, streamlines auditing procedures, and enhances visibility.

  • Use firewall management and reporting to streamline auditing.
  • Reports and audits related to firewalls
  • Handle firewall policies on a single system to simplify audits, improve insight, and reduce risk when making changes.
  • Expanding review techniques to deliver an extensive report on firewall policies.
  • Cloud Revelation ensures that data is entered into the CMDB while maintaining its idealness, quality, and and regularity.
  • Control firefall parameters within a cohesive system.
  • Gain control over the firewall’s rules, reduce risk when making modifications, and expedite the inspection procedure.

ServiceNow for Automating Amazon AWS Cloud Discovery

ServiceNow Cloud Discovery enables organizations to automate tasks based on real-time data obtained via Discovery. By streamlining IT procedures, improving operational effectiveness, and reducing manual labor, organizations may leverage automation to free up IT professionals to focus on creative projects and long-term goals.

Combination and Information Automation: To maintain a contemporary CMDB, Cloud Discovery synchronizes information revealed through connectors. Associations may ensure that the information in their CMDB reflects the most accurate and up-to-date information about their IT resources by mirroring data from many sources, such as AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers.

Why an Automated Amazon AWS Cloud Discovery is Necessary?

The shift to automating Amazon AWS Cloud Discovery has changed the way businesses interact, expand, and handle their IT assets. With its broad cluster of administrations covering process, capacity, systems administration, data sets, and more, AWS offers unparalleled adaptability and versatility. However, this adaptability presents a distinct set of difficulties, including:

Complexity: Because there are so many services, instances, and configurations spread across numerous accounts and locations, AWS installations can quickly become complicated.

Visibility: In large-scale deployments or hybrid settings where resources may be distributed across many cloud platforms and on-premises equipment, it can be difficult to maintain visibility over AWS resources.

Cost control: Inadequate management, misconfiguration, or over-provisioning can result in AWS charges shooting through the roof.

Businesses want solutions that provide total visibility, automation, and oversight.

Make full use of AWS’s capabilities to find solutions to these issues.

Key AWS Cloud Discovery Components for ServiceNow:

Automated Search: AWS Cloud Discovery uses a variety of discovery methods, including network scanning, log analysis, and API calls, to automatically locate and inventory AWS resources. This guarantees that businesses have accurate and current asset information by doing away with the necessity for human inventory tracking.

Reliance Planning: Cloud Discovery assists businesses in making more effective plans for updates or migrations by looking at the relationships and dependencies between AWS resources. This capability is necessary to minimize disruptions and maintain administrative accessibility.

Continuous Visibility: Cloud Discovery offers a targeted dashboard with bits of data regarding cost distribution, execution metrics, and other aspects of AWS resource monitoring designs of usage. Organizations are able to make informed decisions and respond quickly to changing business requirements because to this real-time visibility.

Security and Consistency: Associations may set consistency rules, identify unwanted access, and take swift action in response to security incidents thanks to ServiceNow’s strong security capabilities and AWS’s local security controls. Security may be enforced and resource parameters can be continuously monitored by organizations. Recommended practices for integrating AWS Config data into Cloud Discovery.

Cost Improvement: By recognizing underutilized or overprovisioned resources, suggesting rightsizing open entryways, and giving experiences into cost circulation and patterns, AWS Cloud discovery assists relationship with updating their AWS spending. This empowers relationship to boost profit from speculation and adjust their AWS wagers with business targets.

Architecture for ServiceNow Cloud Discovery

The primary parts of the ServiceNow cloud discovery architecture, are as per the following:

Discovery Tests:

Lightweight specialists, known as “discovery Tests” are utilized inside an association’s organization or cloud conditions to gather information about AWS assets. These tests assemble data in regards to cases, databases, limits, coordinating parts, and seriously utilizing different strategies, for example, network checking, log examination, and programming connection point calls. The potential outcomes are huge.

Mid-Level Administrators:

Center servers act as mediators between. Revelation testing and the ServiceNow platform, working with safe correspondence and data move. They are capable of ensuring the information is secure and unblemished, as well as moving the information gathered by the revelation tests to the ServiceNow occurrence.

ServiceNow Model:

The ServiceNow model is the center for the ServiceNow Cloud discovery, dealing with, arranging, and examining information gathered from AWS and different sources. ServiceNow gives a scope of parts to overseeing found assets, including as asset following, constancy arranging, and specifying.


In rundown, overseeing assets well on AWS is critical for organizations to take advantage of distributed computing while at the same time holding dangers and costs down. ServiceNow Cloud Discovery assists organizations with further developing security, monitor things as they occur, and use assets all the more productively via robotizing the most common way of tracking down AWS assets. By consolidating AWS’s large number of administrations with ServiceNow’s platform, associations can make running IT smoother, develop their organizations, and certainly accomplish their objectives in the cloud.

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