How to add a similar property in all fields at once

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If we add new custom fields to tables & pages such as Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Transfer Order and need to flow them to the posted tables as well we add the fields with the same ID in posted tables and expose the fields through page to capture the values after posting.

Now if we add a whole custom tab with a custom table i.e., Custom Ship-to-Code tab with new fields added in Custom Ship-to-Code Table, and add the tab in a posted document as well to capture the values.

The situation here is – By taking an example of Posted Transfer Receipts, we can add a Tab of Ship-to Code custom fields but they will be editable which not a good solution in Posted Documents is. We need to make them non-editable for the users.

Property Step:

Here we need to add the property “Editable = False” in all fields exposed through the page.

To use a property in all fields at once of a table or a page is possible in VS Code.

We can add the same property in all fields of a table or a page in one go.

Click CRTL+F2 -> End -> Enter -> add property i.e., Editable = False and Publish


The outcome is – that custom fields are visible but non-editable from Posted Transfer Receipts Page.


Be mindful that the separate steps will vary pivot on the table in similar fields you’re using. If you provide more details about the different software or systems with Business Central consultants you’re working with, I can offer more specific guidance.

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