How to Link Document Date to Posting Date?

Feature Posting Date details:

Document Date is a specified date on Sales Invoice that you sent to the customer and with the date on the Purchase Invoice that you received from Vendor. Document Date populates with same value as Work date whenever a Sales Order or a Purchase Order is initiated.

In previous versions of BC (prior 23), whenever a user tried to revalidate/change Posting Date field in Sales Order or Purchase Order according to the need of customer/vendor, the Document Date also got validated with same value as Posting Date.

In BC 23, Microsoft introduced a new feature that will control the link between Document Date and Posting Date in both Sales & Purchases.

In BC 22 – Posting Date OnValidate Triggerstep1
Now in BC 23,

Posting Date OnValidate Trigger:


If the field “Link Doc. Date to Posting Date” is enabled, only then the Document date will be validated with the same value as Posting Date.

Here we have a Boolean field called “Link Doc. Date to Posting Date” in both Sales/Purchase Setup.


Purchase & Payable Setup


Sales & Receivable Setup


**An interesting fact about this field – In Migration/Upgrade of the current database the field will be enabled automatically. In a new environment, you need to enable it manually.
I am testing in Cronus:

Sales Order:


Posting Date and Document Date both are identical as I turned the field on in Sales & Receivable Setup.

Purchase Order:

Posting date and Document date are identical.


After changing Posting date, Document date didn’t change as the field is turned off in the setup.



Always make sure to test any changes in a controlled environment, and it’s recommended to consult with your Dynamics 365 Business Central administrator or Business Central consultants for direction individual to your organization’s setup and requirements. The point may differ a little build on the version of Business Central you are using.

So now, the Document date linking with Posting date has become user-specific with this new feature in Business Central version 23.

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